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New iPad Pro will use Type-C USB port, charge faster with 18W charger included in the box

Apple is taking a more aggressive approach to improving the fast charging capabilities of its recent devices. Unlike the recently launched iPhone, the new iPad Pro uses the USB Type-C connector and comes with a fast charger for up to 18W.

Last month, Apple launched a 3 new iPhone but donated 5 watts of rechargeable battery in its case and for fast charging, you would have to spend $ 68 more to buy a genuine Apple 30W charger. However, the new iPad Pro will switch to the USB Type-C connector, which comes with a faster 18W charger than the 12W charger seen in the case of previous iPad models.

This is probably the fastest 18W charger ever leaked not long ago. Many rumors suggest that Apple will be offering this fast charger for the iPhone 2018, but the company has not done so and “save” it for the new iPad Pro and its next generation.

Of course, you can also use the 18W fast charger that comes with the iPad Pro to charge your iPhone faster. However, if you want to experience the fastest charging speed for iPhone, you should buy a 30W fast charger that Apple is selling for $ 68.

Experiments with the old 12W iPad charger have revealed that the iPhone will charge much faster than the regular 5W charger that comes with the machine and only a little slower than the 30W fast charger. So with the new 18W charger comes with the new iPad Pro, you can still charge iPhone faster without having to spend more money to buy a new charger.

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