Nigerian International Passport Application Steps In 2022

Nigerian International Passport Application
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If you are reading this, get ready to be enlightened about the cost of a Nigerian international passport (e-passport) and its application process nowadays. This tutorial delivers the recent information you need, even if new details can be expected from the officials in charge of this passport from time to time.

As you already know, it is absolutely necessary to own an international passport right about now because it is a must for every good citizen of any country. The Nigerian international passport is simply a legal or an official document that confirms anyone as a citizen of Nigeria and it works as revenue for self-identification while aiding citizens to travel outside the country whenever they want.

To get one today, you have to reach out to the Nigerian immigration service, as they are fully responsible for the registration and processing of this document. However, before taking that step, you should know about the basic requirements needed to apply. See

Nigerian International Passport Application
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What Is The Application Price For A Nigerian Passport?

  1. The cost of 32 pages with five years standard passport is N25,000.
  2. The cost of 64 pages with five years standard passport is N35,000.
  3. The cost of 64 pages with Ten years standard passport is N70,000.
  4. The cost of 32 pages of an official passport is #15,000 for 5 years.

Another source said the prices and cost of the pages vary according to ages:

  1. The age 0-17 for 32 pages cost N8,750.
  2. The age 0-17 for 64 pages cost N20,000.
  3. The age 18-59 for 32 pages cost N15,000.
  4. The age 18-59 for 64 pages cost N20,000.
  5. The age 60+ for 32 pages cost N8,750.
  6. The age 60+ for 64 pages cost N20,000.

If you’re not in Nigeria, your e-passport can be gotten from any Nigerian embassies in the country where you stay, here are the prices to expect:

  1. The age range of 0-17 for 32 pages goes for $65.
  2. The age range of 0-17 for 64 pages goes for $125.
  3. The age range of 18-59 for 32 pages goes for $94.
  4. The age range of 18-59 for 64 pages goes for $125.
  5. The age range of 60 plus for 32 pages goes for $65.
  6. The age range of 60+ for 64 pages goes for $125.

Nigerian International Passport Application (e-passport) Requirements?

  1. Local Government of Origin (letter of identification).
  2. Driver’s License.
  3. The applicant passport form.
  4. Your 2 recent passport-sized photographs in a white background.
  5. Birth Certificate (i.e. Age declaration).
  6. Payment slip.
  7. A guarantor with an oath sworn at the Federal High Court or Magistrate.
  8. Parents approval and a concepts letter for any person under 16 years.
    Marriage certificate (if you are married)
  9. For a lost passport, a Police report is needed.

Procedures For e-passport Online Payment?

  1. Head to the Nigerian Immigration Portal home page here.
  2. Find and tap the application form for an International passport (e-passport) so you can begin the process.
  3. Choose the type of e-passport you need, either a Standard or an Official passport.
  4. Now tap “Start Application.”
  5. Make sure you fill the application form and remember to tick “I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM TO BE CORRECT.” Then click “Print” so it can be printed out.
  6. Then submit your application and review the details again through the applicant page.
  7. Lastly, tap “Proceed To Online Payments,” so you can select your mode of payment (currency).
  8. Payment can be made in Naira Dollars e.t.c.
  9. Payment can also be made with your credit cards in the system if you decide to pay through credit or debit cards. (Eligible prepaid cards- MasterCard, visa, verve, etc.)
  10. Choose the credit or debit card option and tap “Continue.”
  11. Fill in the needed log-in information to enable you to log in and access the payment option.
  12. As soon as you tap “login,” you’ll be directed to the page for payment, just tap “Pay.”
  13. Immediately you tap “Pay,” you’ll see a pop-up displaying your application details or information, just tap “Continue,” and you’ll be asked to type your card details in the “Value Card Payment” box. Make sure you type the right thing and then tap”OK.”
Nigerian International Passport Application
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After payment is completed, you’ll receive a “Validation Number,” make sure you jot down this number as you’ll need it to confirm payment.

After you process the payment online, you’ll need to take the payment receipt and validation number to the NIS portal, for verification and confirmation of payment made.

When everything is sorted and your payment is verified and confirmed, your interview is next. Use your validation number to check your interview scheduled date, final e-receipt & acknowledgment slip too.

Don’t forget to take your NIS e-Receipt for your interview. It can be printed by tapping the “Query your application payment status” link. From the next page that will open, choose where “Passports” is seen under “Application Type.” Now enter your Reference Number, Application ID, and Validation Number if needed. Then tap “Submit.” Scroll down until you see the printing option, and a new window will be visible displaying your NIS e-receipt, just tap “Print This.”

The truth is that your passport can get you in about 48 to 72 hours, or in days or weeks, but in several cases in Nigeria, it could take up to a month.

That is that.


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