Patent lawsuit targets Apple’s encrypted iMessage and FaceTime services

A lawsuit filed Thursday in the US federal court alleged that certain components of Apple’s products, including iMessage and FaceTime, violated several patents owned by the Finnish holding company MPH Technologies, which allegedly attempted to license their technology to Apple in 2016.

Patent infringement for secure communication technologies

AppleInsider reports a lawsuit filed with the US District Court for the Northern District of California. Apple violates eight patents for secure communication technologies, according to MPH Technologies. In the lawsuit, MPH expressly mentions that iMessage, FaceTime, and Apple’s VPN technology used for corporate and education customer MDM solutions violate all eight patents. MPH also mentions features such as Handoff, Universal Clipboard, iPhone Call Forwarding, and iPhone Message Forwarding, which benefit from the advanced technologies.

MPH claims that in 2016 they tried to inform Apple about the patent infringement by e-mail. In addition, MPH warned Apple against a new patent, which was eventually granted and thus also infringed. Apple responded by stating that “you do not believe a license is required because the patents claimed are not violated and/or invalid.”

Furthermore, Apple MPH has asked to “give a detailed explanation” to his position. After clarifying its point of view, according to the MPH, several telephone conferences have come between the companies, which have, however, not led to any result for MPH. Now MPH wants to clarify the case in court. The Company requires undisclosed compensation for the patent infringement and a preliminary injunction against continued use of the technologies that use the patents in question.

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