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Pixel 2 – Google should fix multiple touch screen failure in June update

Unsurprisingly, the latest smartphones from Google, Pixel 2 and 2 XL, have already faced numerous problems since launch. One of them was related to multiple ringtones on the device screen when updated to Android 8.1 Oreo. But it seems that it will finally have a solution in next released.

Google has announced that it will release a fix for the multi-touch bug in the June update. The bug changes commands when the user uses two or more fingers on the display and results in completely different actions. Understand better in the following video:

YouTube video

The delay in launching the patch with the solution is due to company policies. Under company rules, changes can only be made one month in advance of the release of the update package.

Note that this is not the first bug introduced by the Pixel 2 family in relation to the device screen. Known cases include failing to recognize touches of the edges, burn-in problems, poor viewing angles, and bluer than normal coloring.

The important thing is to know that another unpleasant situation for Google, with the latest version of its operating system, seems to be on the way to be resolved.

What is your view of this problem related to the multiple touches on the Pixel 2 display? Comment below with your opinion!

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