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PUBG Mobile Review  – The genre of battle royale now reigns supreme, and sits on the throne of the most played online video games of the moment. One of the most successful exponents, as well as the one that gave the green light to the growth of this type of experience, was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on PC, which, now, can finally count on a version specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. Here is our review of PUBG Mobile, which is, practically, the homonymous game Bluehole Studio, however, made in paperback format. Arm yourself with a power bank: you will need it.

publisher Tencent Games
Developer Tencent Games, Bluehole Studio
Platforms Android, iOS
Gender Battle Royale
Game mode Multiplayer
Tongue English
Price Free


It’s Hunger Games, without Jennifer Lawrence

For those four who had never even heard of it by mistake, the rules of battle royale, and in particular those of PUBG, are very simple: one hundred players are parachuted on an island where once landed, it is necessary to explore every corner of the map to find equipment, such as weapons, armor, and medical kits, to survive and eliminate the other competitors, until only one will remain alive, which will then be decreed the winner.

PUBG Mobile airplane

During the battle, the game constantly pushes the participants towards the security area, an area that decreases its amplitude over time, out of which you will be drained of your life force until you fall to the ground. Finally there is a small red area from which you have to stay away, otherwise, you will be hit by a bombing that kills in one fell swoop.

The battle royale everywhere

The very first time you enter the game, in the mobile version, you are fascinated by the work of porting: this is really PUBG, without huge compromises, without ruthless cuts or changes of sorts, apart from the graphics, of course. The island of Erangel is the same as the original counterpart, and seeing it on the screen of your phone makes a very strange effect, a thrill that testifies the technical goal cut from video games for Android and iOS, which could only be imagined a little ‘time does.

PUBG Mobile gameplay

The playability, which requires a creative tactical approach, has been condensed into a control system full of tactile buttons, but not efficient – you can kneel, switch to a subjective view, drive vehicles and even activate or deactivate the chat voice, in a series of well-placed virtual keys that change depending on the situation. Let’s be clear, aiming and taking the shot are two actions with which you have to get in tune, and that requires a minimum of dedication before you can use them properly, but, in large part, this is also a limitation of the video game on touchscreens.

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In any case, there is some welcome automatism regarding the collection of some objects, since your character will collect the medical kits and the ammunition of the weapons equipped in an instantaneous way. The radar then carries out its job very well, signaling the enemy fire, in such a way as to make the shootouts less confusing. Thus, a convincing and appropriately adapted formula emerges, which exceeds expectations and works much better than expected. The ballistics of the weapons is decent, although we would have preferred an automatic shot option, while the management of movements and inventory is unparalleled in terms of comfort, in a transposition that takes the plunge into the sleeve even in the technical sector.

PUBG Mobile gameplay 2

It will not be the nicest title to be seen from the purely aesthetic point of view considering the compromises to which it must undergo, but the three selectable options guarantee settings that try to please everyone, and on iPhone 7 Plus, with the setting “media “, You play that is a pleasure – except for some justifiable slowdown, the quality of the textures surprises together with the fluidity, the distance of the horizon and the loading times reduced to the minimum. All this at the cost of an expensive battery consumption, however understandable given the complexity of the game.

The developers of Tencent then thought about the implementation of bots driven by artificial intelligence to speed up the matchmaking and to make the first impact with the battle royale less traumatizing – just go up a grade to meet more human players instead of bots.

A very appropriate choice for the context of mobile platforms, but it would have also benefited from an additional map, perhaps designed specifically for the Android and iOS environment, with a smaller area and fewer players, since, physiologically, the battles tend to last long enough, so as not to lend itself to the game hit and run. However, we understand that this idea could have fragmented the community, already separated by three modes of entry into play, or alone, with a friend or through a team of four, and the queues can be managed with special sections dedicated to friendships and clan.

PUBG Mobile gameplay car

We will see in the future how Tencent will manage the support, which, in fact, is powered by an incredibly permissive freemium system – the game can be downloaded for free and does not include advertisements or objects capable of affecting the balance of the formula. The events and the daily missions with which to earn points and buy clothes of only aesthetic function are peeping out. It is likely, and this is a pure hypothesis, that in-app purchases are added later.

To conclude, unlike the Android and iOS version of Fortnite, we point out that PUBG Mobile can not focus on crossplay with the console and PC editions for issues likely to be balanced, as well as a technical discourse.

PUBG Mobile 1

Final judgment

PUBG Mobile Review  – Final Judgment – PUBG Mobile takes the battle royale par excellence and injects it onto mobile platforms in an exemplary manner. It will also be tightened in the grip of the hardware limitations of the tactile devices, certainly the least indicated for this type of experience, but the one developed by Tencent is an incredibly well-made reproduction.

  • Free and permissive
  • Very faithful to the original
  • Smart introduction of bots
  • Transposition of miraculous controls
  • The technical realization amazes
  • A smaller map would not have failed in the mobile version
  • Battery grinder as if there was no tomorrow

PUBG Mobile Review – Trailer

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