Reasons To Choose Wireless Charging Over Wired Charging

Wireless Charging is one technology that looks very promising in today’s tech world. Most, if not all high-end Smartphones these days comes with the Wireless Charging feature and for those smartphones that don’t come with the feature, you can always buy a Wireless Charging Case. This will enable you to charge your smartphone wirelessly simply by placing the smartphone (in the wireless charging case) on the charging pad.

Now, I know a lot of people do not fancy the wireless charging features which is evident from the low adoption rate. Some Smartphone manufacturers(ahem, OnePlus) have even gone as far as not including the feature in their high-end device, Citing their very fast wired charging as a reason why the wireless charging isn’t necessary.

While this might be true to an extent as most wired charging are considerable fast than most wireless charging, the wired charging still has its disadvantages. Probably more disadvantages than the wireless charging.

Problems Associated With Wireless Charging

The most notable reason why wireless charging has a very low adoption rate is probably due to the very slow charging speed. Meanwhile, Wired Charging on the hand has improved drastically over years, attaining a very decent fast charging speed. We now have Smartphones that can get fully charged in under 1.5 hours. This is quite understandable as wired charging has been around for much longer with several works and improvements before it was able to reach where it is at today.

Wirelessly charging is relatively new and needs a lot of improvement to be able to outshine the wired charging which is going to be pretty difficult given that wired charging is also progressing at a very fast rate. There is also the issue of how expensive it costs to include the wireless charging feature in a phone compared to simply adding a micro USB Port for a fast wired charging.

The Two major problems listed above are probably the reason why wireless charging hasn’t gone mainstream yet. However, it also has some advantages of its own which sets it apart from the wired charging.

Why Wireless Is Still The Way To Go

Wireless charging like every other innovation out there isn’t perfect and has a couple of disadvantages but it still has some good sides. Let’s take a look at some things wireless charging has going for it.

  1. Your USB Port Gets More Free Time – Using a wireless charger gives your USB Port more free time and subsequently increases the lifespan. There is no doubt that using wired chargers leads to the USB Port getting more action which can damage the port. Using a wireless charger leaves the USB Port for only when you need to connect to another device like computers, hard drives, TV etc which if we are to be honest happens less frequently than charging.
  2. Convenience – Picture this, you get back from work, tired and exhausted looking to get a little sleep but still have to spend some time searching for your USB cable which might be tangled so you start untangling it. After which you Plug the USB port to your phone and adapter to the wall socket. Whereas with wireless charging all you have to do is drop the phone on the pad and off to bed you go. Simply, Easy and Convenient.
  3. Safe and Secure – Charging your phone at wirelessly means you don’t have to worry if the cable is fake or original – either way, it can’t damage your phone. Also, now that wireless charging pads are starting to pop up in public places restaurants, airports etc you can charge your phone anywhere without also worrying if your phone might be hacked or loaded with a virus – Only power than being transmitted through the pads, not data files, well at least for now.
  4. Charge Multiple Device At Once – If you have a smartphone, smartwatch, Wireless earphones and other devices that can be charged wirelessly then you’d really value Wireless Charging. With it, you can charge all your device that supports wireless charging at once just by placing it on the pad. This was demonstrated by Apple when the Apple iPhone X, Airpod and Apple debuted, all with the wireless charging feature.
  5. Neat Environment – There is no denying that charging a lot of devices like Bluetooth headsets, Phones, Smartwatches etc leads to more wires. The more devices that need to be charged, the more the wires which make the environment look kind of unpleasant to the eye. With wireless charging, you get just one wire from the charging pad to the wall socket and that’s it. All other devices get placed on the pad creating a cleaner and more appealing look.


It’s a known fact that wireless chargers produce more heat while in use than wired chargers. You also get to carry the wireless charging pad with you anywhere you go which is somewhat bulkier than wired chargers. There is also the issue of not being able to use your phone while charging it wirelessly unless you use it while it’s on the wireless charging pad. All these issues that need to be looked into to get the perfect wireless charging experience.

It’s not perfect, I agree and there is obviously no doubt that a lot of work still has to be put into wireless charging, but it seems to be coming along quite nicely. All that is left is just to somehow reduce the heat, make the charging pad a bit lightweight and also increase the charging the speed as well charging distance so one can make use of their phone while it’s charging up without having to lay it down. All in all, Wireless Charging is the future and definitely worth adopting.

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