Samsung announces Galaxy S23 Ultra Limited Edition with watch and charger included

South Korean manufacturer Samsung has announced a new edition of its current top-of-the-line smartphone. This is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Limited Edition, which for now is exclusive to Vietnam.

However, this “limited edition” does not bring an exclusive model in terms of finishing, box extras, or technical specifications, as is the case with previous partnerships such as the special edition of the BTS group released a few years ago. It is the same Galaxy S23 Ultra already on the market, in Phantom Black color (black), with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage.

The difference is that, in this case, the cell phone comes with two more products. One of them is the Galaxy Watch 5 in Blue Sapphire (blue), with a 44 mm body and in the variant with WiFi connectivity only. The other is the 15W wireless charger, which is capable of charging two devices at once — ideally for use with your watch and phone. It is worth remembering that, as part of the manufacturer’s new sustainability and economy policies, the brand’s most modern cell phones are not sold with an included charger.

Check out an image of the package below:

samsung announces galaxy s23 ultra limited edition with watch and charger included
Image source: Disclosure / Samsung

The advantage of the package is the price. Separately, the items typically cost 41,130,000 Vietnamese dongs, which in direct currency conversion is approximately R$8,600. Within the special edition, the trio goes for 31,990,000 Vietnamese dongs (or BRL 6,700).

So far, there are no details on expanding sales of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Limited Edition to other countries or in a package made up of other devices. This set can be purchased until May 31 of this year on the brand’s official website in Vietnam and on the local Shopee page.

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