Samsung Galaxy A8 (2024), many users report an audio bug when charging

A few days ago we talked about a problem that occurred on the Samsung Galaxy A3 following the update to Android Oreo – an update much awaited by the owners of the device, but that unexpectedly led to a very annoying bug, characterized by sudden restarts of the system.

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What’s more, Samsung now has to deal with many other reports concerning another device, or the recent Galaxy A8 (2018), also affected by a problem. This time, however, the complaints target the phone speaker, which would be malfunctioning as a result of the latest software update.

Several users have indeed pointed out the appearance of a strange sound of the speaker after installing the February security update distributed by Samsung. This problem seems to occur most when the smartphone is charging, but some users have reported other cases. As many will remember, Samsung had officially presented the Galaxy A8 (2018) at the end of last year, along with the Galaxy A8 + (2018) – the device then saw its entry into the market in January 2018.

The speakers’ sound interruption signals in the Galaxy A8 (2018) have emerged on Samsung forums. Interested users have said that the problem concerning the speaker of the Galaxy A8 devices (2018) occurs regardless of whether it is a phone call, a video, a music or a ringtone. It is interesting to note that some users claim that the problem occurs even when the phone is almost fully charged – a clue that suggests that the bug can also be related to the battery.

In many of the reported cases, hardware restores and factory resets do not seem to offer much help. We expect official communications from the Seoul colossus, which at the moment have not yet been received. In all probability, Samsung will solve the problem through the next OTA update.

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