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Samsung Galaxy Fold to be relaunched on September 27, indicates rumor

Evan Blass, the writer of a tech blog, may have leaked the relaunch date of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s folding phone that collapsed after design flaws earlier this year. Below is the private account tweet that indicates the launch on September 27th.

This is a new date, other rumors point to a release on September 18, which has not been confirmed by the company. Anyway, Samsung is working to fix the device, which was easily damaged by its users and sent to a small number of journalists for testing.

One of the flaws was on the screen and seemed quite naive. By removing a protective film, similar to the plastic we see on smartphones when removing them from the box, the phone was unusable.

Another design problem was in the folds. According to iFixit at the time, the screen had a large gap, a space that allowed the entry of small stones. With that, Samsung retracted smartphones and promised improvements. She recently posted some of the changes made that should address the previous issues and confirmed the relaunch for September.

According to the company in an official note, the phone will have additional reinforcements to be better protected from external particles while still maintaining its folding experience subscription.

The protective layer and easily mistaken for a simple protective film has also been changed. To prevent it from being withdrawn, the company made a minor change. Instead of letting her appear, with a short distance to the edge, made her occupy the entire screen. Now the user will have no way to be confused and no way to get it out.

With its new arrival confirmed for September, its price remains the same, $ 1,980 (currently around $ 7820).

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