Samsung Galaxy J4 + and J6 + are receiving Android Pie with One UI

It is very rare to talk about Samsung updating their entry-level smartphones. But today is the day! The Samsung Galaxy J4 + and J6 + have finally begun receiving the Android Pie with the new User Interface (OneUI).

The new User Interface is a breath of fresh air for users of Samsung’s entry-level smartphones. The new design is more minimalist, has “dark mode” to save more battery juice and even the icons are different.

In turn, the Android Pie brings new features that many wanted to see. Particularly with regard to the safety, battery life and fluidity of the device. Since both smartphones are entry-level, it is good to know that you will have here an update that will give more life to your device.

The Samsung Galaxy J4 + and J6 + are for sale for € 149 and € 169 respectively and, needless to say, they are the most sought after devices. In fact, according to AppBrain, the Samsung Galaxy J are the most used smartphones.

When will Android Pie with One UI reach the Samsung Galaxy J4 + and J6 +

The first updates began to come out worldwide, however, there is still no information from users in many countries with this news. Still, that’s guaranteed.

If you have one of these smartphones you just have to go to the settings – over the phone – software updates and confirm.

Samsung has improved its upgrades on state-of-the-art devices. However, I have to admit that I am surprised to see the update for the J range. Hopefully, this will continue.

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