Samsung will also sell smartphones without chargers !?

After criticizing Apple, due to the many leaks and rumors pointing to the launch of new iPhones in 2024 without a charger included in the box… Here is information to suggest that the queen of the smartphone market will do exactly the same.

After all, according to the ETNews website, Samsung is currently studying a possible removal of the chargers on some models launched in 2024. Why? It is simple, as the vast majority of users already have one or more chargers at home, it is an easy point to lower production costs that insist on increasing year after year.

Therefore, selling smartphones without a charger seems to be a huge decision, and of course, quite controversial. However, if two of the top 3 manufacturers join this effort, it is likely that it will go ahead. After all, as I said above, there are very strong rumors that Apple will put this plan into practice already in 2024 (but not on all models), to later launch a new 20W fast charger.

But not all is bad … Removing the charger can help lower the price of the smartphone itself, and can also be an aid to the environment. After all, many of us already have an authentic load of chargers at home, so this removal is not at all the end of the world in underwear.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

(iPhone 12) Apple wants to launch smartphones without a charger

The most recent rumors and leaks suggest a new range of Apple iPhone smartphones that is much more affordable, with the cheapest model hitting the shelves at $ 550!

However, it seems that this cut in price is accompanied by a cut in the things that come in the box to accompany the smartphone… After all, it seems that Apple is planning not only to remove the EarPods (the wired headsets that come with all iPhones), but you are also planning to remove the charger to sell it separately!

What better way to make money than to launch a cheaper smartphone, but then sell the charger separately?

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