Tecno Mobile enters the Indian market with new Tecno i series of smartphones

Tecno Mobile is a smartphone brand associated with Africa only, but that’s about to change as Tecno Mobile recently launched a new smartphone series, the Tecno i series at an event in New Dehli, India on the 17th of February. The series contains five new Tecno smartphones, and the company says the series is created exclusively for India, hence the “i” which stands for India.

Tecno i series
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The new Tecno i series contains the Tecno i7, i5 & i5 Pro, and the i3 & i3 Pro. As you probably have guessed, the Tecno i7 is the star of the series, featuring a large battery capacity with Tecno’s fast charging technology and the latest Android OS.

Tecno’s ‘Made for India’ series of smartphones

As I said earlier, The Tecno i series were made exclusively for India, and many of the features of its constituent smartphones attest to this fact. Let me explain them one by one.

Tecno i7
Source – ndtv.com


Tecno Mobile claims that the camera app in the smartphones in the Tecno i series are built with an algorithm that adapts to the skin tone of Indians. This means that photographs taken by Indians with these smartphones would look better than those taken by other smartphones.

Fingerprint recognition in Indian weather conditions

The fingerprint sensors in the Tecno i7, i5, i5 Pro, i3 and i3 Pro are built with an anti-oil material (the company calls it an anti-oil fingerprint sensor) which makes it possible to make use of the fingerprint’s functions even with oil-stained fingers. The sensors were designed to fit the Indian lifestyle and weather conditions.

Warranty and guarantee

Indians surely like (and bountifully enjoy) free offers and incentives for new products, and Tecno Mobile can be describes as wise for offering a 100-day replacement guarantee, a 50% buyback and 1-year one-time screen replacement for free to Indians for the smartphones in the Tecno i series. The combination of these three is what is termed as the Tecno 151 Promise.

Other things present in these Made for India Tecno smartphones that we haven’t seen in previous phones from the company are Tecno’s Rocket Charging fast charging technology which is 20% faster than regular charging. There’s also Tecno’s PIXELEX engine which enhances video recording.

We have the specifications and features of the Tecno i7, i3 and i3 Pro, and even though we’ll still review them separately, I’ll point out the highlights of each to you in the next paragraphs.

Tecno i7 Specs

  • 5.5-inch Full HD (1920 * 1080) IPS display.
  • Anti-oil Fingerprint sensor (embedded in physical home button).
  • 1.5GHz Octa-core processor.
  • 4GB RAM.
  • 32GB Inbuilt expandable storage.
  • 4000mAh non-removable battery with Rocket Charging.
  • 13MP Rear camera with Quad-LED Flash.
  • 16MP Front camera with screen flash & LED Flash.
  • Dual SIM slot.
  • 4G LTE with VoLTE support.
  • Android 7.0 Nougat with Tecno HiOS.

Tecno i3 & i3 Pro Specs

  • 5-inch HD (1280 * 720) IPS display.
  • 2GB RAM (i3) / 3GB RAM (i3 Pro).
  • 16GB Inbuilt expandable storage.
  • 8MP Rear & Front cameras.
  • Dual SIM slot.
  • 4G LTE with VoLTE support.
  • 3050mAh battery.
  • Anti-oil Fingerprint scanner (i3 Pro).
  • Android 7.0 Nougat with Tecno HiOS.

We don’t have any info on the specifications of the Tecno i5 and i5 Pro smartphones yet. The Tecno i3, i3 Pro, i5 and i5 Pro will ba available in offline Indian smartphone markets from from the 19th of April, and would come in Champagne Gold, Sky Black and Space Grey colour variants. The i3 would cost N38,000 (Rs. 7990), the i3 Pro N48,000 (Rs. 9990), the i5 N55,000 (Rs. 11490) and the i5 Pro N62,000 (Rs. 12990) in Nigeria.

The Tecno i7 will be available in India from the beginning of May, and would also come in Champagne Gold, Sky Black and Space Grey colour variants. It’s expected to cost Rs. 14,990 in India and around N75,000 in Nigeria.

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