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The next operating system will only be called “Android 10” – Google says goodbye to desserts

Well, the secret is over. Google revealed the official name of Android 10 Q and gave it a name no one expected- leaving desserts aside. Android Q will not be Android Quiche, Android Quesillo, Android Fifteen or Android Quinoa, but it will be Android 10, without further ado.

What to do before updating Android

If you have been an Android user for a long time, you will know, but for newcomers, it should be remembered that every Android version was accompanied by a dessert or a dessert– KitKat, Lollipop (lollipop), Oreo, Torta (cake), but it’s over. Google has updated the Android brand and gives way to a new stage.

A change of brand so that everything is better understood

Google notes that this rebranding is encouraged by wanting to ensure that “our brand is as inclusive and accessible as possible”. After all, Android is available on 2.5 billion devices worldwide. Google confesses that the inclusion of sweet names has become a “fun part of the releases we make every year”, but they have “understood that these names have not always been correctly understood by the international community“.

How to update your Android even if there are no official updates

They give the example that “L” and “R” do not differ in some languages, in Korean without going further, even if it goes further. New Android users “are not familiar with this type of nomenclature”, so it is possible that some people who have Android Oreo do not know that they are older than Pie, not even knowing if they will be updated or not.
It is easier to associate a higher number with a more updated version.

So, Android Q will be Android 10, clear and simple. 

This, at least in theory, should allow newcomers to know if they have the latest version installed on their phones. 10 is more than 9 and less than 11, so associating a higher number with the last update is easier than knowing that Android Nougat is Android 7.0 and that Pie is 9.0.

By the way, a new design for Android

Taking advantage of the rebranding, Google showed the new design of the Android logo. We still have Andy’s head (the green robot) as the predominant element, but the color has changed to a bluer green accompanied by black letters. The color palette has also been expanded following the aesthetics of the material theme, thus obtaining different combinations of greater contrast.

The new Android logo will begin to be used in the coming weeks with the launch of Android Q. One stage closes and another begins. The question that all Android users will be asking- what will happen to the Android statuettes that Google has in its premises?

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