TikTok is causing real madness in the Play Store

Closed at home and with little to do, people have resorted a lot to social networks. In this regard, TikTok is among the most popular apps today. In fact, it was the second most downloaded free application on the Play Store at the end of March. Now it is even more popular and TikTok has exceeded one billion installations on the Play Store.

TikTok is causing real madness in Google Play Store


Although TikTok has gained a lot of popularity during the past year, it seems that the pandemic we are facing has caused a real madness in the downloads. We had already seen this app move from the third position in the free applications section to the second and now it has passed the limit of one billion.

Undoubtedly excellent news for this platform and also for the fans. However, there is a temporary snag.

TikTok recently started restricting the playback of high definition (HD) content. Something that will last for several days. This was done to ease the network infrastructure in Europe.

In practice, this network followed in the footsteps of leading video streaming providers, including Facebook, its main competitor, which has also taken this step along with Instagram.

In a statement, this company said that “although we want our platform to be a place where the community can create, share and enjoy video content, we do not want increased levels of traffic to add more pressure to the infrastructure and capacity of the networks. So, we made a voluntary decision to prevent our users in Europe from watching high definition content ”.

Despite this measure, users can continue to create and share videos as normal. The only thing that changes is just the quality with which we will see these contents.

I remember that due to the coronavirus crisis, the EU asked several streaming services last week to reduce the quality in order to guarantee the stability of European networks, reducing transmission rates. YouTube, Netflix, Apple, and Disney also followed this order.

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