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How did Tim Cook work to bring Apple to success with massive money?

Despite the many incidents, Apple is still experiencing a successful 2017, bringing the company’s value to a high record in the stock market (almost reaching the trillions of dollars). Of course, as a CEO, Tim Cook is also rewarded with pay, bonus and special benefits.

According to Business Insider, Cook earned $ 12,825,066 in 2024, of which about $ 3 million was basic salary, while the rest was bonuses for top executives.

In addition, the report from Bloomberg shows that Cook also received $ 89 million in bonus shares, bringing total revenue up to $ 102 million. He also allowed Apple to travel by private company.

How did Cook work to bring Apple to success and bring back massive amounts of money? Watch your day, reported by Business Insider:

  • Cook wakes up very early. His sleep usually only lasts until 3:45 in the morning.
  • Immediately after getting up, Cook embarked on a job reading some of the 700 to 800 emails he received each day. He once said that he had “work addictions” and read most of the messages.

  • Next, Cook exercise at around 5 am. Apple CEO does not do this in the Apple headquarters campus. He likes the privacy of outdoor practice.
  • The practice was taken seriously, Cook. Also, Cook said that Apple Watch helped him keep fit and even lose weight.

  • It is unclear whether Cook had a regular breakfast, but at an interview, he used eggs, sugar-free cereals, almond milk. He also likes chicken smoked.

    When talking about work, Cook is said to be a co-worker and listener.

    Cook has a reputation as a highly demanding “unrelenting” boss – hold lengthy meetings, ask questions about everything, and email employees anytime.

    However, Cook occasionally ate lunch with random Apple employees at the company cafeteria to remove the generals.

    • Not only did he work very early, Cook once shared that he was one of the people who left the office late.
  • When it comes to after-hours things, Cook usually keeps quiet and keep things in “secret.”

  • Cook likes to spend time outdoors. He often walks and bikes in his free time.

  • Cook uses 7 hours to sleep each night, meaning he must start bed at 8:45 am to be able to wake up early in the morning.

    Starting work at a time when many people are falling asleep, leaving the office late and repeating it every day, Cook proves that the results he brought back to Apple are not accidental. It all starts with a positive attitude, hard work, and hard work.

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