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Top 10 Classified E-Commerce Sites in USA

Classified websites are top-rated now than in the past. Some people still don’t know anything or much about these types of websites. From classified websites, anyone can gain access to a lot of opportunities or purchase what is needed. Whether it is to buy goods and services, classified websites create great opportunities.

When it comes to recognizing classified websites, Craigslist and OLX are on top of the game. These two have been around for a long time and have been doing well, serving the interests of users who flock to them in millions every month. In some respects, classified sites don’t do the same thing as other classified sites.

For example, one classified site may excel in selling second-hand kinds of stuff, while another may base operations on selling new stuff most of the time. If you need to buy cars, houses, clothes, shoes, etc., these sites are good places to look at. Their services are offered free most of the time, so you don’t have to pay anyone to search for a product.

Let’s now see the top 10 classified websites in the United States of America.

  1. Craigslist


This one is probably the most popular and the oldest on this list. Online, it is also highly ranked by search engines. The websites offer classified services for advertisers and buyers on a worldwide scale. It is still not operating in every country yet, but it gets millions of visits every month. Here, you can place adverts for anything. Do you need a writer or another kind of worker? Does the job exist only online or also offline? You could place ads on Craigslist for these and more.

People have been able to sell and buy items on this website. Lately, because of the prevalence of fraud, the management has encouraged people to deal locally. There on the site, you can find a column for discussion, and you can also find events that you can attend.

  1. OLX


This classified site is present in many countries today. They encourage users to do business locally or internationally as the need may be. You may want to begin a search for products from your community before you move to other vicinities. This classified site is not as old as Craigslist, nor does it have the same influence online. The interface of the site is simple and more beautiful than that of Craigslist. One can participate in buying or selling and in discussions that go around the site regarding best practices and great products. The site allows an advertiser to link his or her ads with social media links owned. OLX is well recognized in India and Nigeria as well.

  1. eBay


This classified site is about 15 years old, and it is viral in the USA. The traffic to this website is massive, about 100 million each month. It allows sellers to place ads for free, and people can browse and buy these products. You can sell locally within and outside of the USA. There are jobs, pet adoption services, new homes for sale, electronic gadgets, and other kinds of stuff on the site. No complex registration is required to login to the site.

  1. Locanto

Locanto Website
Locanto Website

You can place your ad on this classified site as well. People often log in to seek help for getting pets, community services, employment, and real estate services. Probably, because of the beautiful layout of the sites, it has more than two million ads added for people to browse and buy. Their special services include dating and babysitting services. The site is easy to list ads, and they make active for about two months, after which the placement must be renewed.

  1. Oodle

Oodle Website
Oodle Website

This one is famous for collecting listings from other sources like ForRent, and Myspace. It even takes listings from other regular sites and newspapers. Nicely included, they provide a way for buyers to add merchandise to the cart. Friends and family members can recommend products they think are good for their loved ones when using Oodle. The site also has specially placed sections one can go to for buying other kinds of stuff.

  1. Adpost


Yes, one can place ads in various categories as needed, and although this is an American site, one can buy and sell from other countries of the world. There is a consumer column that caters to subcategories such as art and crafts. Business services, products such as clothing, cars, houses are also listed on this classified website.

  1. Adsglobe


This is another free classified website where people place ads to sell their product and get help for various services. They encourage you to go to your location once you land on the site. The site makes it easy for your customers to search and find you. In short, you can see such ads for real estate, travel, pets, and more. The different columns here are separated into the marketplace or my business centers community. Just make your choice according to your choice on this platform.

  1. Penny SaverUSA


This one has been in the classified business service for more than half of a century! Every week, it gets to reach more than 11 million people in the USA alone. Why is it called Penny Saver? Because you can save on purchases when you make use of the discount coupons to save some cash. A user can promote his or her business here and make money. There are often used kinds of stuff for sale here, which allows one to buy at a very cheap rate.

  1. Bedpage


Bedpage is also a top-rated classifieds site in the USA. They make it possible for you to buy or list the products and services that are diverse and useful. You can list your ad with images, and all the ads can be done for free. The site appears to give people in the USA more opportunity to earn than on the outside, although it may not be so all the time. Start by typing your state in the space provided. Once you’re there, enjoy looking around for what you need.

  1. Arizonaslist


This one is based in Arizona, as the name implies. If you live in Arizona, you’re welcome to do business on the portal. It is also famous for reducing costs and saving money. Users have the opportunity to buy and sell for free, without spending a dime. If you’re looking to sell or buy a home in Arizona, here is a good place to list it. But that doesn’t mean the site is limited to that, no. You can find other products and services common to classifieds sites here.


One goal that people have when they place ads on these sites is to generate buzz that will attract people to buy. Because these sites usually command many visits every day, it is not hard for your product to be found and bought. Some webmasters use it to rank their blogs and sites as well, so they can get a better ranking on Google.

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