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Top 5 VR Games for Android you can Download and Enjoy

With the introduction of Google Cardboard, many people have developed an interest in Virtual Reality. Cardboard headset is even affordable as you don’t need to have all the cash to purchase a high-end VR headset. There are many games that can be played in Virtual Reality, and we have listed 5 of them which you can download, play and enjoy.

5 Best VR Games for Android

  1. Bamf VR

This is a simple little platformer-puzzle game. In this game, you will employ teleportation to get around levels to collect crystals and move to the next area. It features a full, 360-degree experience and it is recommended that you play the game while standing up or in a swivel chair for best comfort. The game also has simple, colorful graphics, support for varieties of input methods (including Bluetooth controllers), and an experience that is family-friendly.

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  1. Arcslinger

It’s always high noon, somewhere out in space. This game is a sci-fi/western mashup arcade shooter with beautiful colors that involves you drawing a cyber-six-shooter and defending against waves of weird and wonderful enemies that come at you with cleavers, bullets, and dynamite. You can learn ‘Arc magic’ powerups to spice up the default look-click-shoot VR gun gameplay. It has a cartoony space western-style graphics which look great.

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  1. Germbuster

Germbuster is one of the best VR game owing to its simplicity, easy-to-learn gameplay, impressive graphics, and fun factor. The game is an arcade first-person shooter where players make use of bubble gun to eradicate a myriad of various menacing germs. Using body-motion based input controls, you go through one of the four stages, including a bedroom, living room and kitchen to fight against a green blob germ army while avoiding being slimed. It has beautiful graphics with environments that make it a high-end feel


  1. InMind VR

Designed for Google Cardboard, InMind VR is an adventure arcade game. It can be played without the need for a special viewer and is totally free. The gameplay involves you making the brain stay healthy and to get this done; you’ll have to travel through the neurons of the brain. If you wish to enjoy the experience of the journey into a patient’s brain to look for neurons that bring about mental disorder, then you should play this game.


  1. Chair In A Room

A hidden item puzzle game, Chair In A Room has a dark storyline. You’ll be visited by various ghosts. They’ll try to make you a better person. The game is strange and full of fantasy, but it is fun to play. One thing to note is that the developer state that you should have a device that is at least good as a Nexus 5 or better, else you may have some issues.


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