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UMi Touch Sony IMX328 Camera Features & Live Photos

The advancements of technology have changed everything. The way we think, the way we interact, the way we live. No invention ever has had the magnitude of effect on our lives as the smartphones have. They aren’t merely phones. Phone, in fact, is just a function of the device known as a smartphone. They are a camera, a clock, a personal assistant, a gaming console all at the same time.


Life without a smartphone is not even imaginable. These battery-powered devices are our utmost necessaries and without them we can face a number of problems. Without a smartphone, many of us cannot tell what seven times twenty-seven is. The most recent product from this brand is UMI touch. It is a smartphone made keeping in mind what people require from the smartphones in this age. This brand has always humbly served its customers with the best quality products and has always been way ahead of the competitors in the field.

Nowadays, everyone seems to be fond of photography and selfies. Everyone wants to freeze their happy moments so that they can watch them in future with a big smile on their face or to upload them on social media websites. People don’t think of a smartphone which is having an average camera. That is why; mobile companies are bending towards extraordinary cameras in their smartphones.

UMi Touch is equipped with the most modern and state of the art Camera. This 13 mega pixel camera uses a SONY IMX328 sensor for capturing and freezing your best moments even when you are alone or with your loved ones. Its Live photo feature is just outstanding and it also provides the facility of instant short video technology specifically featured for social media websites like twitter, Facebook, whatsapp, snap chat, instagram etc.

Its wide and multi angle view mode provide you with the most thrilling experience of Grandfies and panoramic views of beautiful landscape. This camera feature as designed as the most user friendly interface as it can be. Capturing 3D pictures with this camera is so easy that even your children can use this feature as a professional photographer. Face detection and Motion sensing features are much improved so that you can freeze your lovely moments without blurring them. The motion track mode is recently introduced in camera field which is responsible to recode footages you care about.


Whenever it comes to capturing snaps at Night, people seem to be unhappy with their mobile cameras and tend to go towards DSLR technology. In UMi touch, you are provided with the best   Front flash led light and dual tune light at the back so that you cannot lose your moments in the dark. The Night mode facility also provides far better results which ordinary smartphones cannot provide even with flashes.

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