UMi VR BOX 3, Virtual Reality 3D Glasses comes out

Have you ever wondered to possess your own private theater one day?

Have you ever wanted to be transported to a different world or just escape from the tedious life without leaving the comfort of home?

Have you ever wondered to be immersed in the game?

Well, all that will no longer be a problem! This fantastic piece of headgear will transport you wherever you want with no need to leave the safety of your sofa.


UMi VR BOX 3 te

Product Information:

  1. The virtual reality headset is an innovative kit to watch 3D movies, play simulated games and experience amazing virtual world.
  2. Light and comfortable – Ergonomic design, three-point balance, 30% reduction of pressure and 20% lighter than other similar products.
  3. Come with adjustable lenses and headband, the headset will provide an optimal vision and maximum effect, no ghost image or image obscurity.(Even if you have a moderately near-sighted problem, will be not necessary to use your glasses because the adjustable lens of VR will help you to find the perfect vision)
  4. The headset has 360°head tracking to follow your movements for truly immersive experience.
  5. There are tons of free contents available from the play and App store. Whether you have an Android or iPhone,you will be sure to have hours of entertainment at your fingertips.
  6. With ventilated thermal design,smartphone heat dissipating becomes available.
  7. Leather goggles – ergonomic design with high-quality leather, perfect for the facial contours; unique breathable sweat -proof design, making it more comfortable to wear.
  8. The removable front cover – specifically designed for the AR game fans.
  9. The full screen effect is much better than former ones
  10. Material:ABS+Resin. The lenses are made from refined resin,much clearer and coming with anti-radiation and anti – tiredness function.
  11. Adjustable – Come with adjustable lenses and headband, the headset will provide an optimal vision and maximum effect, no ghost image or obscurity.
  12. Controllable – A magnet trigger make it possible to control your internal phone,utilization becomes easier and more convenient.
  13. Compatible screen size – 4 – 6 inch; recommended size:4.7 – 6 inch.

UMi VR BOX 3 yd

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