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    What is WeTransfer what is it for and how does it work
    What is WeTransfer what is it for and how does it work

    Truth be told, how many times did you not know how to send a file to a friend or colleague because the attachment was too heavy? It happened to me often in the past before knowing Wetransfer. What is Wetransfer? It is a service that offers the possibility to send even large files with extreme ease and speed. All you need is an e-mail from the person to whom you want to send the file, your file and an internet connection, Wetransfer will take care of the rest. So if you find yourself in a situation like this and need to figure out how to do it, I suggest you get comfortable and take a few minutes to read this guide. At the end of reading, sending large files will no longer be a problem.

    Please note that in order to use Wetransfer to send files, you need to know the recipient’s email address. Once the file is uploaded with WeTransfer, the recipient’s email is inserted and an optional text message is entered, the file will be uploaded to the Wetransfer servers. The file will then be available for download from the server for 7 days.

    Now let’s see in detail how Wetransfer works. Ready? Let’s start.

    How to send files with Wetransfer

    To send a heavy file to a friend, you must first connect to wetransfer.com and click on “Take me to the free version”. In fact Wetransfer also has a paid service that allows you to send files over 2gb, but we’ll talk about this later.

    The user interface is really reduced to the essentials, this is one of Wetransfer’s strengths, which makes it a truly easy to use service. The page is almost all background, on the left instead you find the small form to fill in to use the service.

    Now that you’re in the Wetransfer Free area, you’ll have a small form to fill out on your left. To start click on the blue button with the + and the word “Add a file”, select the file you want to send and confirm by pressing Open. As an alternative to this, you can also drag the file directly into the Wetransfer window. Remember that if you are using Wetransfer Free the file you select, or the set of files, cannot be heavier than 2gb. Alternatively if you have to send more than one file and the total size exceeds 2GB you can make multiple separate submissions. On the contrary, if you have only one file larger than 2GB you need to use the Wetransfer Plus service.

    Without this now you just have to enter the recipient’s email, your email and optionally a message to be delivered to the recipient along with the file. Now press the Transfer button and wait for the file to load.

    Once the upload is finished, an e-mail notification will arrive to you, but also to the recipient who will inform him that you have sent him a file and will provide him with a link from which to download it. In fact Wetransfer uses its storage space to load your file and then the possibility of being able to take it from there for 7 days. Furthermore, when the recipient downloads the file sent, you will be informed so you will know not only that the file was sent correctly, but also that the recipient saw it and downloaded it.

    How to receive files

    If you receive an e-mail notification from Wetransfer informing you that someone sent you a file, here’s how to download it. Open your e-mail that will appear more or less as you see in the photo. Press the “Download file” button, this will take you to the Wetransfer website and open a small summary form in which you will be informed about who sent you the file, the file name, size and other info.

    Once the page is loaded you can press the “Download” button and a dialogue window will open. In this window you can choose where to save the file and what name to give it. Once you have made these choices, press the Save button and wait for the file to download. At the end of the download you will be notified that the download is finished and you can use the file as you wish.

    Once the file has been downloaded, the sender will be informed of your download so you can be sure that you have not only been informed of the submission, but that you have viewed it and downloaded it.

    Wetransfer Plus

    The basic use of Wetransfer is completely free. However, it has limitations, although in most situations they are largely negligible. In fact, as mentioned before, the limit for Wetransfer Free is 2gb maximum at sending.

    Wetransfer Plus on the other hand allows sending up to 20GB at a time, it also offers the possibility of storing files on their server up to 100GB and the ability to protect sent files with a password. In addition to this Wtransfer Plus gives the possibility to personalize your profile, the emails sent and even the links, for an easier sharing of the same.

    WeTransfer Plus offers monthly or annual subscription service. The costs are 12 euros / month with periodic billing or 120 euros / year, if you choose to pay in a single payment.


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