Xiaomi wants all your objects to shine, launch a cheap ultrasonic cleaner


If you want to start cleaning objects as if we really lived in the future, Xiaomi’s new ultrasonic cleaner is what you need. Among the many Xiaomi products we knew, we had never seen one of these features.

In the well-known Youipin platform, this innovative ultrasonic cleaner has appeared that promises to clean everything from jewelry to glasses, to baby items. Without a doubt it is a product that many will like, given that in certain products, cleaning is very important and putting them under the tap will no longer be the best solution.

EraClean ultrasonic cleaner operation

The name with which the ultrasound cleaner has been presented is EraClean, an easy-to-remember name and directly linked to what the product in question offers. Since it is a rare technology in daily use, we will explain its operation that focuses on ultrasonic vibration, in this case reaching 45,000 Hz. This high level of vibration is responsible for cleaning the objects that we enter inside, combining it with the force generated that reaches 1,000 atmospheres of pressure.

To start using it, we only have to introduce the products, fill it with water and press the power button, at that moment inside it the ultrasonic vibrations will begin to function and later when finished we can take out our products completely clean.


Products we can clean

There are many objects that we can clean with EraClean, among the most common and possibly more users are interested- makeup items and baby products. These are objects that are in contact with our babies, which are all carried to the mouth, as well as the makeup that directly affects the skin of our body.

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But in addition to this, the glasses, watches or earrings, can be totally disinfected in this new Xiaomi product. One of the advantages is that it does not need maintenance and we will only have to worry about connecting it to the electric current so that it starts working.

EraClean price and availability

Although it is difficult to arrive in our country, we can acquire it from distant Asia at a price of 

13 euros at the exchange. On November 4, it will go on sale from the YouPin platform, we can buy it if it has really generated in us great interest. Shipping may be somewhat slow and instructions may come in perfect Chinese, but as we mentioned, it is not a difficult product to use.

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