3 Easiest Ways to Stream TV Shows on Smartphones

Thanks to new technologies, we can now have devices that are smart, faster, and better in terms of performance. When it comes to streaming TV shows, most people want to that without any hindrance that is called slow internet. Streaming movies and TV shows should be done with fast internet from anywhere and at any time.

To provide the best streaming services, we know of YouTube. But this just one out of many streaming services. Though YouTube has gained much popularity, other online streaming websites have not but they keep getting people’s attention because we want what is best at any time. Part of the deal is torrenting websites, especially those with security from firewalls.

Let us examine three very popular streaming services you could use on your mobile phone today. Apart from the fact that these are well-known companies, they also offer the best streaming services out there for anyone.

  1. Amazon Prime

This is an instant video service, which allows you to purchase or rent out TV series. It has various subscription plans and you could take a look and choose what works best for you. One of the plans, which is popular allows one to pay less than a dollar a day. But the plan is $99 to be renewed yearly. With this, you can stream a very large collection of TV series on your mobile phone!

  1. iTunes
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This platform is presented by Apple to offer a wide array of latest TV shows that could be purchased or rented and watched on the iPhone. The rented show must be watched within 24 hours before it disappears. Users are paying more for this service these days due to a recent upgrade offered for a cleaner presentation.

  1. Netflix

Another very popular service, last but not the least on the list, Netflix has over 150 million subscribers worldwide. Users have the opportunity to pay $7.99 for their base service every month. There are numerous TV shows that can be streamed on this platform as well. Having a good internet connection on your smartphone allows connection through the Netflix app for a thrilling streaming experience.

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