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5 Best Gallery Apps for Android Phones

We need the camera to capture our best moments. While the professional ones beat our smartphone camera, our smartphone cameras help to capture moments easily as we carry it along with us most of the time. Taking pictures and videos make our gallery app full of these media and we need to access them in a fast way. The stock gallery app on most Android phone is slow and is not user-friendly. This leads us to the reason why you may want to try out third-party gallery apps for Android.

Best Gallery Apps for Android Phones

  1. QuickPic

You get an awesome gallery with QuickPic that has over 10 million users. It works fast, it is lightweight and has an intuitive user interface that can work well on large-screen devices. QuickPic features multiple finger gestures. It is possible with the app to hide or exclude your private files, create additional folders, sort files based on name/date/path, etc. Your media can be viewed according to different viewing modes like stack, grid or list. There’s an inbuilt image editor in the Google Photos alternative that can do many things like rotate, shrink and crop. Multiple online album services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon, etc. are also integrated into the gallery app.


  1. A+ Gallery

Simple yet efficient, A+ Gallery is one of the best gallery apps for Android. The app allows you to do common things like manage your photos, create photo albums, and share your photos. In addition, various services like Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and Facebook are supported. This implies that you will be able to view those photos too. There’s also a vault included where you can keep private images. It is nicely designed and it very easy to use. Material Design and iOS styles are combined to give it a look pleasing to the eyes.


  1. Simple Gallery

Are you in need of a gallery that is simple and no-nonsense? , Simple Gallery will serve you the most. The app allows you to browse the folders of the phone’s internal storage, view photos in a grid mode, and swipe around photos. The app may appear basic, but that’s just the point. This does not mean that there are no extra features packed with the app. The app will let you change the color of the interface from Orange to a color you prefer. Options are also available to set max screen brightness and auto-rotate images when viewing in full screen.


  1. Piktures

Piktures is an excellent gallery app for Android. It is our number four pick of the best gallery apps. It is simple just as you would find Google Photos. Some of the great features of the Gallery app include a calendar view, location view, security with Pin, support for cloud drives like Dropbox, GIF, and video players and much more.


  1. Focus

If you want a capable Gallery app, then try Focus which is available on the Play Store. All image types are supported on the app and it also includes GIFs and video files. The pictures you have are sorted on the basis of folders, tags & date and it is very beautiful in the homepage of the app. Photos can also be tagged to improve sorting. Preset tags such as Art, Family, Awesome, Friends, Me, Nature, Pets, Travel and more are available.


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