How To Avoid Android Viruses

If you have been using android for a while now. Chances are, you’ve heard of viruses and what it can and can not do on your device. So we will helping you understand what Viruses are and ways as to which you can avoid android viruses.

Android Viruses are like diseases, they infected your phone and all of a sudden, your phone starts misbehaving. Apps installing by itself or Wi-Fi turning on by itself among other things. And these are just the not so bad ones. Some viruses steal your personal information from your device and send it to God knows where when you turn on your data connection or connect to a WI-FI. While some other Viruses just show you ads at intervals. Ads that blocks the whole screen.

Avoid Android Viruses

Be that as it may, its safe to say that the thought of having a virus executing some task we did not put in motion is nothing but creepy. So taking the necessary steps to keeps those viruses away should be important to any and all android users.

I should also mention that if you’ve noticed already that your phone has been infected with some kind of virus. They only way to really clear the virus will be to factory reset your phones which will delete everything on your device.

How To Avoid Android Viruses

  1. Check App Permission – Checking any apps permission should be done by any android user before installing any app so as not to give some apps admin privileges. If you do not know, admin privileges prevents an app from being deleted from your android device. Some apps with admin privileges might install other apps on your device without your authorisation. This why going through the permission page before installing any app is very important.
  2. Do Not install Apps From Unknown Sources – You already have the google play store so there should be no need to download an app from an unknown source. On the off chance that you need an app that is not on the google play store. Make sure you check the source of the app you are downloading and also do not forget to check its permissions while Installing.

  3. Keep Your Device Updated – Once the developer of your device makes an available update for your device, make sure you update it irrespective of the size. I know some updates might be filled with bugs and all. But the developer might have fixed a major flaw in the older version you are using on the new update. Or they simply just made the security on your device a lot stronger. Anyway, endeavor to stay updated.

  4. Install An Antivirus App – Installing an Antivirus will give rest of mind. You can use the app to scan your device for threats from any app you might have installed on your phone. It might also notifying if an app seek admin privileges while installing. There are so many Antivirus app on the Google play store that actually work and will keep your phone safe.

Make sure you do not Download any antivirus app outside the Google play store. Like i said earlier, apps from unknown sources might be harmful to your device. Imagine Downloading a virus posing like an Antivirus ? That is going to be a tragic irony.


Well, there you have it. How to avoid android viruses and keep your device hale and hearty. Also, some people have been getting Viruses through clicking on some sites. Although, i highly doubt the possiblity of getting infected with a virus without actually downloading a file or an app. Anyways, stay safe and be careful with the links you click on and what you download on your device.

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