5 Best Office Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

Office Apps
Office Apps


Modern smartphones are capable of many things as they are becoming more and more powerful. With the right app, you can do what you want to do. If you want to attain Productivity, you need office apps to help you. We’ve curated 5 apps to achieve that for you.

Best Office Apps for iPhone and iPad

  1. Polaris Office

A free office app, Polaris Office runs across all platforms. You can also get Polaris Office for iPhone and iPad that allows you to access your documents from anywhere you are. Everything that is required to make a document is in this application. Polaris Office is compatible with MS Office with support for most file types like ODT, PDF, PPT, DOC and XLS. The app lets you open all file formats including PowerPoint and Excel. You can open, edit and save all these formats right inside the app. It is a lightweight app, taking a storage space of 163.3MB compared to Microsoft Word’s at 362MB.


  1. iWork- Pages, Keynote, Numbers

These are suite of apps by Apple that can be downloaded free and is baked-in as of iOS 10. The suite consists of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. They are the same as word processor, your spreadsheet maker, and presentation app, respectively. Viewing and editing of documents can be done in each app, thanks to iCloud, and via iOS 10, you can collaborate with other users on live documents, so you can do all the editing and reading in real time.

Download Pages  Download Numbers  Download Keynote 

  1. OfficeSuite PRO Mobile Office

One of the best and popular Office apps for iOS, OfficeSuite has advanced features.  This app helps you easily get access to favourite and recent files, create beautiful documents with templates, manage multiple files, search for document of file types in the entire app and all connected cloud services.  If you wish, you can access from your web browser, your iOS device files. Passwords can be set and you can perform syncing of your iPhone with Apple Watch. To make your slides more interactive, you can create and edit animations, you can add, edit and manage slide transitions.


  1. SmartOffice

Are you in want of a productive work life? SmartOffice can give you this on your iPhone and iPad. This app helps you create new documents using blank or pre-designed templates. You can use the app to view, edit your presentations and then display it as a slideshow on your device or a projector. Your budgets can be edited or reviewed alongside expense reports and more. PDF documenta can be viewed and annotated and there are sharing options available which are secure.


  1. PrintCentral

You’ll find this app amongst the effective workplace apps for iPads and it lets you print almost anything from virtually anywhere. It does not require much configurations and will connect to any wireless/WiFi. The app will allow you to store, view, and print files, PDFs, giant documents, emails, photos, attachments, web pages, and contacts on your iPad.