5 Best Weather Apps for iPhones and iPads in 2024

The weather can be a little tricky. When you thought it’s not going to rain and the clouds let down a heavy shower, you know how bad that can be when you’re about to hit the roads. iOS weather apps have improved over the years with more detailed and accurate information that can smash your weather ignorance. Get weather forecast with the app listed here and you don’t have to be caught unaware by that weather instability again.

Best Weather Apps for iOS

1. Dark Sky

1 Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a great weather app suitable for the iPhone. If you want to get serious info about the weather condition of a place, then Dark Sky is the go-to app. Its simple interface reveals to you the weather conditions and expected temperature.

The major highlights of Dark Sky are its stunning visualizations and minute-by-minute predictions. The predictions come as daily forecast, an hour in advance, and in hourly increments for the next seven days. Get notified before the rains or snows starts so you’re at alert. Apple Watch is supported, giving you the basics so you don’t always have to use your phone.


2. The Weather Channel

2 The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a better weather app for iPhone. It does have ads and works on iOS and Android. The app gives you comprehensive weather data such as temperature, wind, and visibility on an hourly or daily basis, with an extended 10-day forecast available.

It features interactive maps that leave you with the latest Doppler radar data so you have details of the rainfall and other weather conditions. You can get alert on problematic weather. Social integration is available in the app so you can share images, tweets, videos, and photos.


3. Carrot Weather

3 Carrot Weather

If you want something better than those average weather app, then Carrot Weather is there to serve you well. The app provides you with accurate and latest forecasts. It has fun features as it gives off comedy at the interval. It’s comedy personality varies and you can tweak it to match what you like

Carrot Weather gets data from four weather, including Dark Sky and its information are precise and correct. Carrot Weather’s Developer affirms that “Carrot will never sell your location information to third parties. Full stop.”


4. Weather Radar

4 Weather Radar

If you’re interested in getting more detailed weather forecasts and radar maps, then why not try MyRadar. It features fast and easy access to weather information. The app shows a full HD map that has a live radar of an area’s weather.

Maps are not the only features present in Weather Radar, there are forecasts that come hourly or in a five-day period. You get precipitation graphs, humidity, dew point, and visibility details. The data source of Weather Radar is from NOAA weather hence it is accurate.


5. RadarScope

5 RadarScope 225x400 1

If you really want to get serious about reading the weather, then RadarScope has some really great features to keep you intimated. For those that are into storm chasing, this app will come handy. It finds it place in the hands of amateurs and professionals.

RedarStorm gives you detailed information about storms and other weather forecasts. Getting data from several sources such as 233 radar points and NEXRAD data, a constellation of Doppler radar arrays controlled by the National Weather Service, RadarScope gives you information on what you want to know about a forming storm.


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