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6 All Time Best Online YouTube Downloader

Have you been in search of the best Online Youtube Downloader? Then, worry no more as this is article is strictly dedicated to providing you with the best Youtube Downloader online.

Most times you could see a particular video you love on Youtube and wish to watch it offline. There are two ways you can actually watch Youtube videos offline- you can either choose to install a program dedicated to handling just that, but if you just want to download a single video or two, then using an online video downloader should suit this situation.

In this well-written article, we have selected just 6 YouTube downloaders which we believe are among the best downloaders that can be used to save copies of contents offline. Most of the downloaders we have stated in this article offer you the option of downloading videos in various video quality, while some offer you the option of downloading just the Audio and it works just like the Youtube Converter Mp3.

Some of the video downloaders mentioned here still allow you to download from other websites like Vimeo, Facebook, and others. There are hundreds of third-party online and offline downloaders but we have chosen just 6 of the best online Youtube Downloader.

Best YouTube Downloader Online

We are now on the main section that contains the reason why we have composed this well-written article and it is the 6 All-Time Best Online YouTube Downloader which you will find below.

1). Clip Converter

Don’t get distracted by its name the Clip Converter is not just a video converter, but one of its major purposes is to download videos from Youtube. Downloading from the portal is very simple and unlike some Youtube video downloaders that request a particular version of video URL, Clip Converter only requires you to copy the main address that displays on your browser’s address bar and follow the simple steps to complete the download.

How to Download Videos Via Clip Converter

i). Navigate to Clip Converter.

ii). Copy the Video URL from your browser’s address and insert it into the Box.

iii). Select the quality of the video and the file format, or choose just the audio if you want and click the ‘Start’ button.

Note– The Clip Converter can also serve as an add-on; you can add it to either your Chrome browser, Firefox browser, and Safari browser. Most times the Clip Converter can be selective in downloading music videos. So, should in case you find any difficulty in downloading music videos, you can try other ones listed below.

Advantages of Clip Converter

i). Also serves as your browser add-on.

ii). Choice of file formats.

iii). It may be difficult for downloading music videos.

iv). You can download high-quality videos.

2). Apowersoft Online Video Downloader

Here is another great YouTube Downloader Online which comes with a clear and nice user interface. You can download with different video formats which include MP4, WEBM or 3GP format. Should in case you are considering either just the audio or the size then you can use the WebM or M4A file.

One of the things we love about downloading Youtube videos using the Apowersoft Online Video Downloader is this; you can actually download videos on different video formats without having to re-enter the video URL.

How To Download Videos Via Apowersoft Online Video Downloader

i). Navigate to Apowersoft Online Video Downloader.

ii). Enter the Video URL you want to download into the box provided.

iii). Open the Apowersoft Online Video Downloader Launcher and choose the format you want to download the video with.

Advantages of Apowersoft Online Video Downloader

  1. You can download videos at high resolutions.
  2. Clean and clear user interface.

iii. The option of choosing the video formate you want to download.

3). Online Video Converter

Here is one of my favorite YouTube Downloader Online which allows you to videos from Youtube up to ten audio as well as seven video formats.

Unlike some of the Online Downloaders that grants you access to only Youtube videos, this one allows you to download videos from even Daily Motion, Vimeo, Facebook, and other supported sites. Downloading videos from this website can be very fast which is the reason most of my friends enjoy downloading from the website.

The good thing about this website is that you download all your movies for free and you can also download a video using the QR code which you can scan to carry out a download on the scanned video on your smartphone.

How to Download a Video via Online Video Converter

i). The first thing to do is to navigate to the website by clicking here -> Online Video Converter.

ii). Paste the URL of the video you want to download. Or use the QR code to scan the video.

iii). Click on the download button and it will be downloaded into your device in no time.

Advantages of Online Video Converter

i). Videos are downloaded in a very good format.

ii). QR option makes downloading very easy.

iii). Videos are downloaded very fast on your device.

iv). Download from different websites.

Best YouTube Downloader Offline

Earlier in this article, we mentioned there are two ways you can download Youtube videos either by installing the app which allows you to download the videos without having to log in on the video website on your browser. We also mentioned you could download direct from online which we treated above, but below are some of the best youtube downloaders offline.

The good thing about the Youtube downloaders we are about to mention below is that they can also be used to download videos from other sources like Vimeo, Facebook, and others.

1). TubeMate

The first we have on our list is called TubeMate which is actually a third-party video downloader app for Android. TubeMate has a very neat user interface that allows you to easily navigate through the app without a manual. Apart from Youtube, you can also download videos from other video sharing websites.

The app arrives with its own in-built browser where you can type in the URL of the site you want to download the video from. Just like most of the online Youtube downloader we mentioned above, TubeMate gives you options to select any video quality and the video file format you want. Immediately you complete your video download with the TubeMate, the video stores directly on your phone memory, allowing you to watch it offline.

You can even download some of the Youtube videos in Mp3 format if you want, though an MP3 converter will be also needed.

How to download videos via TubeMate

i). First of all, you will have to download the app from here -> TubeMate.

ii). After launching the app, open it, and type in the URL of the website you want to download the video from (e.g Youtube).

iii). Select your desired video and the video quality you want.

iv). Click on the download button.

Note– You can share videos from your Youtube app to Tubemate in order to view the download link. One of the troubles you might experience with the TubeMate is it disturbing advertisement which usually pops up.

Advantages of TubeMate

i). You can download straight with having to copy and paste video links from one place to another.

ii). It’s free of charge.

iii). You can choose to download using any video format you desire.

2). Videoder

This is one of the best YouTube video downloaders for Android smartphones. This app allows you to both stream and download videos from Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and others. You can also download and stream videos using various available formats as well as share the video with the app.

You can even customize the app which arrives with a nice UI. The app has different interesting features like the various themes it comes with and its downloading speed, its built-in video player, night mode, and more.

Despite the app not being available on Google PlayStore, you can freely download and install the app from its official website. The app is totally free and doesn’t come with an in-app purchase, though it’s not free from ads. But the premium plugin is currently on Google Play store and it’s left for you to decide which one you love. You can eliminate the ads on the Premium plugin.

How to download YouTube videos on Android using Videoder

i). Download the app from here -> Videoder, if you don’t have the app already

ii). Open the app and visit Youtube using its built-in browser.

iii). Search and click on the video you wish to download.

iv). Click on the download button and also click on the download link which comes up. There are also options to choose the download format you desire as well as either Mp3 format.

Note– You can also share the video you desire to download using the Youtube app, share it to Videoder and the video download link will come up, then go ahead and download it.

Advantages of Videoder

i). You can share videos.

ii). The app can be downloaded for free.

iii). You have the option of choosing any of the video formats you want.

3. YT3 Youtube Downloader

This another Youtube downloader app that comes in with a simple design and offers you the option of downloading Youtube videos in either Mp3 format or Mp4. This app is easy to operate and access. One of the interesting features is the ability to use the preview button to preview a particular song you want to download even before downloading.

Downloading videos using this app can be very fast and the videos all get saved directly into your download folder. If you download music, the app downloads the lyrics along which displays when you listen to it. Unlike other apps that supports download from other video sharing websites, this app only supports downloads from YouTube. You can download videos in two qualities that are low or high-quality.

How to download videos via YT3 Downloader

i). You will have to first download the app here -> YT3 downloader.

ii). Open the application and search for the Youtube video.

iii). Choose the format you want to download the video with (either MP3 or MP4 format) which will be displayed on the video’s right side. Before downloading you can decide to preview.

Note– Just like some of the apps we mentioned, you can decide to share a video using the Youtube app to the YT3 downloader, you will see the link, then you can go ahead to click and download the video from YT3 downloader.

Advantages of YT3 downloader

1). It allows you to decide to download a video either using the MP3 or MP4 format.

ii). It allows you to preview a video even before downloading it.

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