A series of new iPhone models have just been certified in Europe, will run iOS 12

In April, Apple decided to register 11 new iPhone models due out this year with the European Union (EEC). All of these models have been EEC certified and Apple has updated their application.

Instead of running iOS 11, Apple’s new application says that 2018’s iPhone models will run iOS 12. At the time Apple filed for registration, many sources said that one of the 11 smartphones The upcoming iPhone SE 2.

However, with recently leaked information suggesting that Apple will not continue to release the second generation SE, we can be sure that all 11 new iPhone models will be different versions of memory. The three models are due out in September.

apple iphone 2018 colors
While two high-end iPhone models will be available with traditional color options, the cheap version will come with more color choices.

iPhone samples in the application are divided into 3 groups of code names including A19XX, A209X, and A210X. It is unclear which code name will be the model, we can rely on Apple’s naming so far to infer that the A19XX will be the 6.1-inch version of the LCD screen, while that the new iPhone X and X Plus will be codenamed A209X and A210X.

LCD monitors used in Apple’s upcoming “cheap” smartphone will be made by both LG Display and JDI. In addition, this model will also have new color options eye-catching and more prominent. The iPhone models using the remaining OLEDs will be released along with the traditional color options.

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