Game Pigeon for iWatch: access Telegram on Apple Watch

The application Pigeon, a Telegram client exclusive to the Apple Watch, has just received an update with interesting news. Among them, is the possibility of sending stickers and voice messages right from the wrist.

Pigeon offers users a complete Telegram experience on Apple Watch, with access to the official interface and all the security measures that the app offers.

With this update, users will be able to view correctly formatted messages including bold, italic, and other formatting styles.

In addition, it will now be possible to view and share multimedia content, such as GIFs, photos, and videos, directly on the Apple Watch. The option to zoom in on photos will also allow for a more detailed view.

Stickers and Audio

The latest Pigeon update (version 1.1) brought two exciting additions for users.

The first of these are stickers, which allow users to express their emotions in a creative way. Now you can add a personal touch to conversations and make them more lively and expressive.

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The second addition is the voice message-sending function, which provides a convenient alternative to typing.

Users can record and send voice messages directly to their Telegram contacts, providing a quick and efficient way to communicate.

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Additional Improvements

In addition to major additions, Pigeon also received improvements in other aspects.

Now, users will be able to vote in polls and answer questionnaires directly from the Apple Watch, without having to resort to the iPhone.

Notifications have also been improved and are now grouped by app, making it easier to view previous messages without opening the app.

Another interesting improvement is the condensed message mode, which offers a more familiar interface for users used to other instant messaging applications, prioritizing text messages and providing an intuitive experience.

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The Pigeon is available for free for download on the App Store. However, some additional features require a paid subscription.

Users have the option of a monthly subscription for R$ 9,90 or an annual subscription of R$ 69,90 to unlock features like moving to the next page in the conversations list, viewing old messages, sending messages, and reacting/replying.

Who uses WhatsApp he always wanted an app that could mirror all the features on the Apple Watch, so he could do everything from his wrist. However, to date, none does what Pigeon does with Telegram.

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