12 Alternatives to Hamachi for Virtual LAN Gaming this May

The best Hamachi alternatives:

It has always been a lot of fun to compete against your friends, particularly in video games that are played online or on computers. Especially when it comes to video games. As a consequence of this, the vast majority of game developers focused their efforts on the creation of local offline multiplayer games. You will require a local area network (LAN) router in order to establish a connection between your personal computer and the personal computer of your friend.

Imagine that you are a passionate gamer like everyone else and that you want to show off your inner gaming expertise to your friends. If that is the case, you will have a great time participating in these games. It is possible for you and your friends to come together and play games that are provided by reliable firms like Hamachi. You can easily connect to any machine using a LAN router, allowing you to play for an unlimited time without time limits. This makes the process of playing a game quite straightforward.

These games also allow many options for playing simultaneously with other people, which can be done in various ways. In any multiplayer game, the fact that you are not physically close to the other people playing or your friends is not something you need to worry about. You are able to connect with your friends on a public online LAN, where connectivity is made available to you so that you can take advantage of this choice.

What is Hamachi?

The gaming community has known about Hamachi for quite some time now. It has emerged as the option that the vast majority of players all around the world favor the most. Every business has areas of weakness and can improve in certain ways. Therefore, even Hamachi has some downsides and negative aspects to it.

For LAN service providers and gamers like us, Hamachi is by far the most popular option. Only five users, including the host, can be connected to any one VPN or server under the free plan subscription of any given VPN or server.

Hamachi gives all users, no matter where they are in the world, access to the ability to play multiplayer games. In my opinion, this is the most suitable instrument for carrying out such a task. Players can choose from a few more entrancing choices on the same gaming network.

Features of Hamachi:

  • The Hamachi tool will set up and manage high-security encrypted VPN bits for your personal and professional requirements.
  • There are three different types of networks available with Hamachi.
  • The tool is perfect for having flexible options and administrative functions.

Pro of Hamachi:

  • It’s easy to set up and manage even with limited networking or IT experience.
  • It can be remotely accessed by administrators from wherever they happen to be.
  • It’s free for users who are looking to create a VPN for five or fewer computers.

12 Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming

Hamachi Virtual Gaming LAN is one of the most well-known and widely used local gaming networks. But it has a few drawbacks, so we are looking into other comparable options. We hope one of the options below may better suit your needs. Therefore, let’s begin by discussing the most viable alternatives to Hamachi. In recent times, we have also discussed websites such as Craigslist.

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1. Tunnelbear


If you have ever looked into virtual private networks (VPNs), there is a good chance that you have come across this well-known brand name. The following option is Tunnelbear, which, once again, is superior to hamachi and should be selected instead. Users of the Tunnelbear VPN have the ability to conceal their IP addresses and increase their level of privacy by protecting themselves from malicious websites, data hackers, and intrusive advertisements.

2. Wippien


Wippien is one of the best tools available, alongside the others that have already been listed. It is one of the best alternatives to Hamachi in terms of size, weight, and performance. It merely uses up to 2 MB of the memory that you have available. Not only that, but in addition to that, it is also practical at the same time.

This is for people who want their project to go more smoothly. The device can be utilized in a simple and uncomplicated manner. It can form VPN connections with various personal computers and portable computing devices that enable P2P connections. And another exciting thing about it is that it is a tool that uses open-source software.


Supported PlatformsWindows, Linux
Prominent FeaturesFile Sharing, Chatting, Open Source
What’s MissingEncryption/Firewall

3. NetoverNet


The tool that is NetoverNet is deceptively straightforward, despite its impressive feature set. Using this software, you can simultaneously connect your local area network (LAN) to various devices and appliances while maintaining your connection to the internet.

Using it as a virtual private network (VPN) source emulator is also possible. If you are utilizing NetOverNet, each device and gadget connected to the computer or the system will have all of the login requirements necessary for that device or system.


Supported PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android, iOS
Prominent FeaturesNetovernet, Encryption
What’s MissingSupport of unlimited clients

4. FreeLAN


FreeLAN is known for being easy to use and different. It can be used to make Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and is a generic VPN creator. We call it unique because it comes from an open source. That means it can be changed to fit the needs of the user. So, it can be used to make different kinds of networks, like hybrid, peer-to-peer, and client-server.

Even though the software has a lot of features, it doesn’t have a GUI. Still, you can run the application by manually setting up its config file. Here is the official guide if you need help.

We didn’t have to deal with much lag or rude ping spikes while testing FreeLAN. One of the best things about FreeLAN is that it has a huge community of people who are always willing to help. This means that no matter how much trouble you get into, you’ll never be alone. And, as the name says, it is free.


Supported PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Prominent FeaturesNetwork Topologies, Open Source
What’s MissingGUI, Limited support

5. GameRanger


In the list of the top alternatives to Hamachi that can be used with the Mac OS, GameRanger is an essential entry. The increasing notoriety of this product was reflected in the Windows version after they built it. No other instrument can hold its position as steadily as GameRhanger.


Supported PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
Prominent FeaturesInstant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings
What’s MissingUnlimited game support
PriceFree, Silver Membership – $19.95 per year, Gold Membership – $39.95 per year

6. CyberGhost

CyberGhost techreen

Cyber Ghost is yet another excellent virtual private network application (VPN) that you might use on a personal computer. You will also be able to see favorable ratings and reviews about this product when you use this tool.

On your Windows personal computer, you have the ability to make use of, gain access to, and be granted authorization to highly safe and secure websites that are accessible over the web or the internet. Therefore, it would be advantageous to test out this tool or this VPN service at least once.

7. ZeroTier One

zerotier one
zerotier one

ZeroTier One is another great open source program that lets you set up controllers, test them, and make web control boards. It’s also a good way to set up VPN servers and connect the ones you already have.

ZeroTier works with all kinds of hardware and software. As far as security goes, it has encryption from beginning to end.

We chose ZeroTier One over the other software because it is safe, easy to use, and has more options than the other software. So, it gives you the same features as SDN, VPNs, and SD-WAN. All of this in one place.

Community support is another thing that stands out. We found it to be very active and helpful. Depending on the version you buy, it can work with anywhere from zero to 100 devices.


Supported PlatformsWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux
Prominent FeaturesChat channels
What’s MissingUnlimited game support
PriceFree, Basic – $29 per month, Professional – $100 per month
VisitZeroTier One

8. PD-Proxy

pd proxy
pd proxy

The PD-proxy combines an excellent and remarkable function with one of the most entertaining VPNs currently available on the market. In most cases, PD-Proxytool is utilized to delete or eliminate the content that the device’s Internet service provider (ISP) has restricted.

In addition to this, the tool offers you a free, albeit a limited, version of the internet service, which, in the end, protects both your Internet and your wifi connection. Users who don’t feel safe in their immediate environment can additionally conceal their IP address with this feature.

9. ExpressVPN

1 ExpressVPN

The ExpressVPN network is yet another significant development made by businesses that are analogous to Hamachi. The SSL-protected feature of ExpressVPN’s data encryption is 256 bits, and the service also supports this. It is regarded as one of the most effective Hamachi substitutes.

With just one click, this Virtual Private Network (VPN) is ideal for players who wish to protect their personal devices, such as their computers, smartphones, routers, or tablets. It puts an end to all of the problems and faults brought on by internet service disruptions.

10. Private Tunnel

private tunnel
private tunnel

This tool is an additional option that can be used in place of the Hamachi tool. The application may run on various operating systems, including Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. It is also easily accessible.

It includes the standard set of services that are billed on a monthly basis. The nasty truth is that there is no free version of this tool.

11. Tunngle (discontinued)


Compared to the other Hamachi options offered on the internet, it is among the most commonly used substitutes for virtual LAN gaming. Tunngle is centered on local area network (LAN) gaming. Hence it revolves around the gaming aspect as a whole.

As a player, once you have acknowledged and accepted the terms and regulations of the Tunngle gamer group, you will be able to add other diversions to your gaming profile. Not only that, but the Tunngle program also offers its own firewall insurance with the goal of providing its users with additional safety and security.

It is surely a good option for all gamers like you. Tungle can be considered as one of the best Hamachi alternatives for Virtual LAN gaming.


Supported PlatformsWindows, macOS
Prominent FeaturesChat Function and Inbuilt Firewall
What’s MissingCapability to create networks
PriceFree with Ads, Basic Plus – $1.18/month, Premium – $2.37/month or $23.74 one-time payment

12. Evolve (discontinued)


Evolve is yet another form of a virtual local area network (LAN) designed specifically with gamers in mind. The software’s popularity among virtual local area network (LAN) gamers has skyrocketed in recent years due to its numerous capabilities. As an alternative to Hamachi, this is a highly recommended choice.

This utility gives you access to a wide variety of system connectors, each of which can deliver the driver and additional updates for consistent feature additions and modifications. You can also download and share your creations with others using the exciting advertising option that comes with the program. Additionally, it is compatible with numerous social media platforms.


Supported PlatformsWindows, Mac OS
Prominent FeaturesParty Mode, Matchmaking, Integration with Social Platforms
What’s MissingA basic light version
PriceFree, Party+ $4.99 per month


Have you been a massive fan of this list? Not only that, but these other options provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to making adjustments and modifications in the gaming LAN. You might not have experimented with these other excellent Hamachi substitutes. It would be beneficial if you gave it a shot at least once.

The hamachi was always the top option of gamers; however, it has recently begun to experience lag, and/or the effects of some other cause are now being reflected in the gaming software. Before committing to any kind of virtual LAN gaming, it would be in your best interest to make an informed decision. To be sure, playing video games is both pleasurable and fun, but picking the appropriate game can be challenging.

In conclusion, if you thought this piece was interesting, please spread the word about it to the rest of your group and leave a comment below if you have any questions or ideas.

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