Top 5 Google Play Store Alternatives to Download Apps and Games


Google Play Store is the primary source of apps and games as it offers many apps for you to download on your Android device. However there can be occasions whereby you can’t find your desired app or it is not available in your region or you can’t access it on your device. You need not worry, as there are many alternatives that can serve you your needs. We’ve listed 5 best Google Play Store Alternatives here .

Google Play Store Alternatives

  1. Amazon App Store

If you need something other than Google Play Store, Amazon app store is one you can try. It has varieties of free and paid apps as well as paid apps for free. There is a giveaway of a paid app everyday and this can only be gotten through Amazon’s dedicated ap store. There are also regular giveaway of free bundles of paid apps too. Apart from the great free titles that are available on the store, there is a huge selection of books, movies and songs which often goes for lower prices than Google play


  1. Aptoide

Aptoid was developed based on Google standards and has an experience that is similar to Play Store with a nicely designed user interface. An open source Android app store, Aptoid contains over 700,000 apps to choose from its collection that has over 3 billion downloads. Over 150 million users worldwide use this platform to download apps and games. There are different versions of the Aptoid  app which are Aptoide app for smartphones and tablets, Aptoide TV which is an edition for smart TVs and Set-top Boxes, Aptoide VR and Aptoide Kids for children’s devices.


  1. Apps Lib

You can get an exclusive library of Android games and apps from this store. It features a simple to use imterface that makes it possible for even first time users to download apps. Filters are available to help in looking for a desired app amongst the millions in an easy way. Apps are in categories displayed in various sections that ensures that downloading and installation of apps and games are easy. The app market is desirable to those that want apps on their devices but are unable to get Google certification. For premium purchases, PayPal can be used to make them.


  1. GetJar

GetJar is an independent mobile app store with location in Lithuania. The service began in 2004 as an app beta testing platform for developers. After sometime, the company started making apps publicly available which becames a go-to for Android users. There was a change that happened in 2014 in which a Chinese company Sungy Mobile bought GetJar. Sungy took the GetJar business model higher and the platform now has almost 1 million mobile apps across all major mobile platforms, of course, including Android. The apps of the store are categorised. Some of these categories include games, social & messaging, productivity, entertainment, education, finance, food, health, news, personalization, shopping, and many others.


  1. ApkMirror

Most folks use ApkMirror to get latest apps which are released there before they arrive on Google Play Store. There’s no mobile app for the store so users have to use the official website to download the apps. The apps on the store are free of malware as claimed by the website. However, you won’t get any paid app on this store .


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