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Apple fires engineer whose daughter shot iPhone X video as it goes viral

The California company was supposed to blow out one of Apple’s employees after his daughter on the internet recorded a video with iPhone X not yet available.


On September 12, Apple introduced us three smartphones. Two iPhones that have continued the tradition of light improvements of the previous generation, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However, much more excitement has unleashed a non-framing iPhone X. While the first two models are already being sold, the iPhone number ten will be on the rack until November 3rd.

The only idea of ​​how the device would look and work could be done only from a conference or post-conference videos of journalists. Since then, several videos have appeared on YouTube with allegedly functioning iPhones X, but in most cases, they have been a podium. Until now.

Daughter of one of Apple employees who participated in the development and iPhone X, Brooke Amelia Peterson, during a visit to his workplace on Apple Campus namely the matter of industrial camera. At the end of the video, we have even a few long seconds in front of the video of the new iPhone.

The video immediately became viral even though Amelia Peterson had no popularity on YouTube before. Apple noticed the images and asked her to download the record. According to her words, she did so immediately, but it was apparently not enough for my father to dismiss. iPhone X appears on the video at 2:50.


In the next video, Peterson explains the matter. Apple has zero tolerance when it comes to documenting not only the unavailable products but also the Apple Campus premises. Her father was to be released, for this reason, taking overall responsibility and justifying the company.

However, a few things are interesting. The first is that the girl did not alert a single employee to the violation of the rules during camera operators. The restaurant worker even asked or caught the moment when her father iPhone X was paying.

The other little inconceivable thing is to throw out one of the leading engineers after his daughter on the Internet hangs up a video smartphone, which is already on the web a lot. The world has already had the opportunity to see iPhone X on dozens of videos, whether from a show or a conference from a variety of journalists.

But one thing is clear. The whole thing does not deter Brooke Amelia Peterson from continuing to buy Apple products.

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