Apple humiliated Intel again with its Mac mini M1 ARM

Apple’s divorce from Intel does not just mean the problem of losing a huge customer to the microprocessor giant … Nothing like that! The problem here is the performance per Watt of the processors based on the ARM architecture that Apple is designing! Something that threatens Intel’s plans, but also AMD’s.

After all, consuming only a third of the energy of what an Intel processor needs, Apple is able to match or exceed the performance of the new rival.

Apple Mac mini ARM consumes only a third compared to Intel’s offer!

Macmini Idle Power
Macmini Idle Power

So, in a very curious way, Apple yesterday introduced new information regarding the Mac mini M1 (ARM). Where the most interesting is the maximum consumption of the machine, which is found at 39W. An incredible number, but at the same time it is quite far from what the independent reviews showed. (In the reviews the number was lower!)

Still, despite the higher than expected figure, the new Mac mini spends less than a third of what the Intel-based Mac Mini spends in the real world. After all, while the new ‘mini’ spends 6W on IDLE and 39W on Peak, the old Mac Mini needed 19.9W on IDLE and 122W on Peak.

This poses a very serious problem for AMD and Intel …

After all, even in situations where Apple’s new ARM processors are losing, they are wasting a fraction of the energy rivals need to run.

And truth be told, there are not so many situations in which Apple loses to Intel or AMD … Something super curious, since this is the first ARM processor for Mac computers. In other words, it won’t get any easier for Intel and AMD in the near future!

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