Apple Watch SE? Apple will bet on a ‘Budget’ smartwatch!


Watch SE!? – It becomes increasingly obvious that the wearable world is going to be an incredible source of revenue for years to come! After all, some market studies already point to a tripling of revenues by 2024.

And of course, as Apple is the current queen of smartwatches, with the best product that money to buy, it is also one of the best-positioned brands to get a good slice of that money!

However, just as not all consumers are ready to invest £ 1000 in a smartphone. They are also not willing to put 400 or 500 € on the counter to compare a watch, and as such, it is necessary to diversify the offers on the market.

Watch SE? Apple will bet on a ‘Budget’ smartwatch!

Therefore, Apple is about to launch the brand new Watch Series 6, however, it seems that this is not the only watch in development in the Apple labs. After all, everything indicates that the company is thinking about betting on the same strategy that it used in the world of smartphones when launching a new SE model that will reuse a successful design from the past.

In fact, everything indicates that the ‘SE’ strategy will not be used only in watches, the idea is to take it to more ranges of products, in order to reach the pockets of customers who are fans of the brand, but for one reason or another not they can justify paying the price of ‘premium’ mobile phones, smartwatches or tablets.


Having said all this, instead of betting on a larger screen, the Watch SE should use the body of the Watch Series 3, only and only in the 42mm version. Still, despite the small dimensions and old design, Apple is expected to renew the clock’s hardware by using the new S6 and W4 chips.

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However, the announcement for this watch should not be for now, with several rumors pointing to March 2021. Price? It should be around 200 ~ 250 €.

In short, a very interesting move on the part of Apple! Now we just need to open the compatibility to the Android world! (Something that will never happen ahah)

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