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Whoop Strap vs. Apple Watch: Which to Buy in 2023

If you could wear Whoop on the one hand and wear an Apple Watch on the other, probably we would not be serious about checking out these two and trying to help you see which one you should buy because you would just buy both and wear them at the same time.

For many of us, buying one over the other is the only choice to make, as there may not be much money to lavish on just about anything. If you’re having a challenge choosing one from the other, read on to find out which is best for you. We are in no way implying that one is better than the other. It depends on what your preferences are or just how much money you’re ready to dole out on a watch.

Here are the major things you need to watch out for as you contemplate choosing between the two. First, you want to look at features and technology; you also want to look at similarities and differences. That is the best way to go about it.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Apple Watch & Whoop Strap in brief detail

Apple Watch Whoop Strap Fitness Tracker





It helps you measure your blood pressure and keep your tab on your heart health. Wearing this watch, you’ll be able to keep the pace of monitoring your fitness goals. It helps you to live a healthier, active, and more connected life. Whoop is small, smarter, and is designed with new biometric tracking capacities. You can see your skin temperature, blood oxygen, and more.
Subscription Not Applicable Required
Display Yes No
Strap Material Stretchable silicon rubber SuperKnit band
Heart Rate variability Yes Yes
Resting Heart Rate Yes Yes
Water Resistance Up to 50 meters Up to 10 meters
Blood Oxygen Level Yes Yes
Connected GPS Yes No
Sleep Reports Yes Yes
Stain Coach No Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Battery Life 18 hours 4 – 5 days
Price Range $450 and up 6, 12, 18 months Subscription plan

6-month membership costs €30 

Whoop Fitness Tracker
Whoop Fitness Tracker

Dissimilarities between Whoop and Apple Watch

Here are some primary differences between the two smartwatches.

The Strap

The main difference you’ll see in both watches is the strap. One is tiny and the other bigger. In this case, the Apple Watch has a strap that is more expensive and expensive. The difference here is that the Whoop strap is a practical fitness tracker.

But Apple Watch is mainly important for lifestyle tracking, sleep monitoring, and heart rate tracking, the Whoop is mainly for hardcore training and recovery monitoring. Take note that both watches don’t look and feel the same when worn on the wrist. If you want to buy, you may try both on your wrist, get the feeling to really know which one you want to be on your wrist all the time.


In this case, we look at the design areas, such as thickness and design materials. In thickness, both the Apple Watch and Whoop fitness tracker have the same type of thickness. However, while the Apple Watch is silicone, the Whoop band is woven elastic cloth material.

Apple Watches
Apple Watches


Apple Watch boasts a full touchscreen display. You’ll love it because it acts as a mini-app and a clock. For Whoop, there’s no display whatsoever.

Mobile App

The Apple Watch has a screen from which the user can control most things. It’s not like that for Whoop. The user has to download and install an app on his or her smartphone in order to make use of it. The Apple Watch app is meant to adjust display styles and other settings.


Band Design & Purchase

Both watches have different band designs, but Apple wins in this case because it has more designs than Whoop. That means you can find more different designs in Apple Watch bands than the Whoop fitness tracker. Apple has more colors, designs that offer various comfort levels and styles. Those who want to buy bands of Apple Watches can do so in many stores without relying solely on Apple but for Whoop bands, they can only be bought on the company’s website.

Track Your Sleep

Those who make use of a fitness tracker really value its ability to track sleep. It is a crucial feature for any tracker watch. Without a good night’s sleep, work during the day can be messy. Without a good night’s sleep, exercise activities can be unsuccessful due to a lack of proper sleep habits. Whoop is one of the best in this area. It helps detect different stages of sleep, light, deep, and REM sleep.

The Apple Watch lacks this ability because it is unable to work for longer hours. Switch it on, and it can only work for 18 hours, whereas the Whoop fitness tracker can last for up five days. In addition to that, Whoop has superior sensors that make it work better at tracking sleep. These include an accelerometer, heart rate sensor, ambient temperature sensor, and skin conductance sensor.

On the other hand, Apple Watch provides inconclusive data regarding sleep monitoring using an accelerometer and heart rate sensor. It falls short when determining light and REM sleep. But Whoop is much better at this due to its high sampling frequency.

Whoop Tracker
Whoop Tracker

Activity and Workout

Both watches are capable of determining and tracking various types of physical activities. The Apple Watch detects that you want to walk and asks you to track your activity outdoors. It can also track your swimming activity, effectively counting your workout and laps.

On the other hand, Whoop will not ask you to track activities. Automatically, it can track all types of activities you involve yourself in for more than 15 minutes. It can analyze the HR pattern and the length so that it can give an accurate analysis of your workouts.

Battery Power in Apple Watch and Whoop

There is a significant difference in both watches in this department. In fact, the Apple Watch will have been charged probably five times each time Whoop is given another recharge. People who use the Apple Watch have to get used to charging it in the night if they use it all day; or charging it during the day if they use it all night. Whoop offers the amazing feature of a rechargeable battery that can be done while you’re still wearing it. Don’t forget that its battery will only be charged every five days.

Apple Watch 1
Apple Watch 1


When you talk of subscription, it only applies to Whoop as a user is required to subscribe for six months, 12 months, and 18 months at different charges (See box above). It is not like that for those who buy Apple Watches. They buy it as a standalone device to be paired with an iPhone.

For those who purchase a subscription for Whoop, the fitness band. However, one thing that’s good is that the Whoop fitness band works with both iOS and Android devices. However, it only works with the Whoop app. It doesn’t integrate with Apple Health or Google Fit.


You must have seen that money isn’t everything, and beauty or design isn’t everything in the case of the Apple Watch and Whoop fitness tracker. Are you a fitness enthusiast or a biohacker? Whoop may be your thing. If you’re a guy or girl looking for quality and multipurpose wearable, go for Apple Watch. If you have enough money, buy both – for there’s no sin in that.

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