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Among the most significant products of modern technology, we find the fitness trackers, the “digital bracelets” that measure their lifestyle and give useful information to improve it. Even more than smartwatches, fitness trackers are flexible devices that adapt to different needs and have a style and a design between the refined, the elegant and the sporty that allows them to be worn under any circumstances and with any clothing.

Wearable technology

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Wearable technology

When we talk about fitness tracker we refer to the so-called wearable technology, that is wearable. In fact, we are talking about one of the first and most important devices that are worn, as is the case with these digital wristbands. Their function is extremely simple, albeit very diversified – monitor the physical activity thanks to the numerous sensors they are equipped with, elaborate them thanks to the internal software (or through synchronization with the smartphone) and return alerts and useful indications to improve their well-being.

Fitness takes care of this, of the shape of people, and these bracelets trace (tracker) all the information useful for this purpose. We find then the pedometer, the heart rate monitor, the GPS and many other sensors that can provide useful information to use throughout the day, both when you are awake and when you sleep, both when you are active and when you are inactive.

How to choose a fitness tracker

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How to choose a fitness tracker

If you have ever seen the appropriate category in the digital stores, it will immediately become apparent that there are hundreds of fitness tracker models, from the cheapest to those with the most sustained cost. Although fitness trackers are usually the most affordable devices among wearable ones, very often they integrate many of those functionalities and technologies that consequently also the price increases.

With this purchasing guide we want to trace a complete fitness tracker identikit, understanding how they are made, what to expect from them, for what purposes to use them and then understand which technologies to aim to improve their fitness.

Wellness and technology

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Wellness and technology

At the beginning, we said that fitness trackers are one of those most significant products of modern technology. This is confirmed by the fact that we are talking about devices on which we are investing a lot and in many respects, we will still invest when they will be further strengthened. To date, there are many functions and utilities of these wearable devices, but there is still a large margin of intervention on which it is working. Since these devices are designed to monitor the state of form and health, in fact, there is still a lot to do in order to use the technology for this purpose.

There are those who consider fitness trackers only as mere accessories that send the number of daily steps that have been made and those who use them on a professional level to improve their athletic performance and to optimize their workouts. We are working hard to allow you to have on your wrist a device capable of monitoring the main functions of the human body (pressure, cardiovascular activity, etc.) 24 hours a day but can also integrate specific ones related to certain diseases, thus providing a level of considerable assistance, above all in terms of frequency and speed of intervention.

These devices are finally excellent for everyday use, especially for those who have a rather sedentary lifestyle and want to have a tool to rely on, as a kind of personal trainer, to improve their fitness and their general well-being.

What to evaluate in a fitness tracker

So let’s see what are the technical aspects to consider when purchasing a fitness tracker.

The look

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Purchase fitness tracker – appearance

In a very synthetic way, the fitness tracker can be defined as a digital bracelet. It is, in fact, a device to put on your wrist and that works independently and with which you can perform different functions. Depending on the type of tracker you can have a small display (color or monochrome, touch or with physical buttons, backlit or not) with which to interact and receive the various information. In the absence of a display, notification LEDs are present, and all monitoring activity is then transferred to the smartphone application.

From an aesthetic point of view, the trackers are divided into models with a more sporty design to those with a more classic design. They can be composed of a strap in which the real body is inserted or a unique model that does not allow the replacement of the strap. The ability to replace it also offers a greater autonomy of customization, being able to buy straps of different material and color.

The functionalities

Tracker Features
Purchase fitness tracker – features

What can a fitness tracker do? As we anticipated are many features of these devices, but to properly choose the model to buy is good to question what the fitness tracker can do to help achieve their goals. Basically, a fitness tracker is equipped with a sensor for the detection of the heart rate (heart rate monitor), pedometer, detection of calories burned, monitoring of the hours of rest and in some cases also system for regulating the power supply. To these functions are added those of alarm and reminder and those of smartphone notification management. Then, within every single function, especially those related to fitness and sport different levels of quality, precision, and reliability.

The software

fitness tracker software
Purchase fitness tracker – the software

The main fitness trackers have software compatible with the Android operating system, others also with the iOS one. When choosing the best model to buy, it is good to move towards a device that can interact with your smartphone, which is an essential aspect for their operation. One aspect to consider is the possibility of the fitness tracker to receive phone notifications and, in the higher-end models, even to be able to view and manage (and not just view).


fitness tracker impermeability
Purchase fitness tracker – impermeability

A fundamental technical factor is that of impermeability. Many models are resistant to water, but it is good to understand to what extent. In some cases, in fact, it is a resistance to splashes, others to the possibility of being able to keep it on the wrist even in the shower or when it rains, still others to use it even when you are in the pool with the relevant measurement functions.

Batter Life

fitness tracker Battery
Purchase fitness tracker – battery life

Finally, as with all technological devices, it is important to understand the battery life. For fitness trackers, being small and compact, we usually talk about a duration that goes in the order of weeks, in some cases even months. Much depends on the type of sensors present; in models with GPS inevitably the duration decreases, but the functionality increases.


fitness tracker
Choose a fitness tracker

We have made a complete and detailed overview of fitness trackers that has led us to know the many details that characterize them. It is a very varied and varied sector full of versatile and beautiful models as accessories for your clothing. There are many models in circulation, and you can decide whether to start with a base and cheaper to then level up or immediately rely on a complete model with all the features you need to achieve and maintain your fitness.

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