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Whoop Strap 2.0 Fitness Tracking Device – Athletes Companion

The Whoop Strap 2.0 is a fitness tracking wearable that focuses more on physical strain and recovery; It aims at encouraging athlete of all sphere of sport to focus a little bit more on the association between the physical strain and their body and the sleep and rest needed to recover from it. Already worn by some pro athletes, the Whoop strap uses heart rate tracking to measure the athlete’s day Strain, as well as to give them a recovery mark next morning, based on the quality of sleep they had, resting heart rate and heart rate variability.

The wrist-based sensor was initially designed for professional athletes, those whose livelihoods depend on reaching the height of their performance at the time it matters most and staying there when playoff time comes by each year. The company that made Whoop Strap 2.0 announced a record deal of placing it on the wrist of all NFL players. The accord with the NFLPA, the player’s union, is the first ever of its kind and offers players to greater access to health data as well as a financial incentive in play.

This Whoop Strap is the same strap worn by basketball star LeBron James, swimming legend Micheal Phelps and 23 other Rio Olympian. The Strap is now available for anyone with a price tag of $500; anyone can train and recover like an athlete. The Whoop Strap aims to prevent injuries through too much training and to allow wearers to prepare their body to reach peak performance.

The Whoop Strap 2.0 is an elasticated Nanostretch band that is pretty unobtrusive, one those wearables you don’t notice after a while on your wrist. It is advised that it should be worn tight enough for the finger not to slip through. The ensure accurate measurement an that the sensors do not lose contact with the skin. The footprint is kept small by the band in comparison to some other trackers. Depending on your skin the material can be irritating to wear when it is soaked with sweat after a heavy water or after wearing it into the shower.

There is also the flexibility of the band that can mess up your sleep tracking if the heart rate sensor loses contact. However, there is an Hydroband option that solves the above issues. The Whoop Strap continuously tracks heart rate as well as heart rate variability which is vital in charting the day’s strain and recovery through rest and sleep. The accelerometer measure movement (not step) to help determine your strain score.

In addition, there is the auto-sleep detection that registers disturbances during sleep and an ambient skin temperature tracker. The Strap’s sensor record readings about 100 times in a second and gather up to 100Mb of data on each user. This narrowed down to three key information once synced to your smartphone which is day strain, recovery score and sleep target. alongside insight and advice. The Strap is charged by sliding on the battery which means you don’t have to take it off. The battery itself is charged separately and takes about 90 minutes to fully charge the Strap and lasts for 36 hours.

What is The Current Whoop Strap 2.0 Price and Availability Status?

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