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Best connection for Nigeria – a great service for West Africa.

Around the world the need of reliable VPN services is increasing especially if we are talking about bypassing Internet restrictions in such countries as North Korea, where only 4% of population has access to the Internet, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, etc. reliable VPN provider is able creating encrypt personal data, location and provide safe environment to surf the net.

We all heard about internet censorship in Nigeria, freedom of expression is limited, therefore, every user must feel himself safe. Still, there is another problem that may cause difficulties in using VPN services – remote location of VPN servers that makes connection slow.


Best VPN services for Nigeria

Secure and safe connection is available from any spot in the world if you are using reliable services offered by VPN Nigeria providers:

  1. Hide My Ass VPN provider that has servers located in Egypt, India, Europe and South Africa, provides 2 simultaneous connections – allows using two devices at once, as well as keeps your identity anonymous in the internet. It is a huge company that provides excellent VPN access to the most distant regions as West Africa. Mentioned service guarantees high security, access to blocked sites and works on Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. The number of servers exceeds 900, they are located across 190 countries. Any user can enjoy free, private internet access with no restrictions.vpn-nigeria-2
  2. IP Vanish has servers in 41 countries and offers good quality for Nigeria users. VPN service has 24/7 customer support and works on Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. This provider makes your internet connection secure, hides your IP address, encrypts your data as well as lets users avoid online censorship.
  3. AirVPN is a great service for West Africa that offers encrypted connection to the internet so no one can spy on your online activity or use it against you. AirVPN service hides users IP address granting with new one, allows using 3 simultaneous connections per 1 account, has no speed limit, etc.
  4. ExpressVPN as well offers online privacy due to hidden OP, allows access to blocked websites and apps, works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Routers, provides unlimited speed and bandwidth – that means you can watch videos in HD and without interruptions from any place. Professional customer support is ready to help by email or live chat. Fastest speed and unlimited server switches allow users to enjoy great quality from 87 countries.
  5. PIA service offers safe and secure VPN by means of encrypted WiFi, unlimited bandwidth, blocking ads, trackers or malware and allowing to use up to 5 devices simultaneously per account.

All these providers have great reputation and for sure will meet your requirements.

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