BlackBerry Releases Security Update To “Priv” Following Reports Of BlackBerry’s Encryption Being Cracked By Dutch Police

blackberry priv review 2791 scaled
blackberry priv review 2791 scaled

BlackBerry devices are well renowned for the high level of security and privacy they provide to their users. Affirming to this statement is the fact that Presidents and rulers of the top country like the former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama have been publicly seen endorsing the level of security and privacy that the device provides.

The first Android device from the stables of Blackberry, the Blackberry Priv can be said to be the most secure Android smartphone in the mobile market at the moment. However, reports emanating from Netherlands that a BlackBerry device was allegedly by Dutch police have poisoned the mind of users and stained the image of Blackberry in their hearts as many now take the above bolded statement with a grain of salt.

The smartphone company have however come out to refute such reports saying;

“If such an information recovery did happen, access to this information from a BlackBerry device could be due to factors unrelated to how the BlackBerry device was designed, such as user consent, an insecure third-party application, or deficient security behaviour or the user,”

Also, in a move to calm other users, especially the Blackberry Priv users and gain back what’s left of the trust users have for the OEM, Blackberry expressed in their released statement that it doesn’t know the exact model of phone that was reportedly cracked by Dutch investigators and have also released a security update for the Blackberry Priv in the wee days of February.

While a statement and other details from the BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team as regards the February Android update is being expected, it seems some users have been getting their devices updated while some are yet to receive update notifications.

Top Blackberry blog and forum, CrackBerry have stated that though it may take a few days for all devices to start seeing the update, devices purchased from other retailers (and not directly from Blackberry) and other carriers are dependent upon their own individual schedules for their security update release.

Checks comments and reviews of some Crackberry members;

If there’s any Blackberry Priv user yet to receive the February security update out there, just hold on for some couple of days -or weeks. One thing is certain though; all Priv user gets the update!



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