Blunt Metro Umbrella – good Performance, UV Protection

A Blunt Metro Umbrella for those who often travel, having an umbrella is a must. The weather can be very unstable at times. If you’re unsure how the weather will be where you’re going, it is better to have a Blunt Metro Umbrella.

In our time, the weather can be unpredictable because of climate change. Sometimes, weather forecasts can be overtaken by the uncertainties of climate change, hence the need for protecting oneself.

Introducing Blunt Metro Umbrella

Blunt Umbrellas are the top choice when you need something powerful and can withstand a storm. The Blunt Metro can handle 55mph winds. But that’s not all.

It is built to last, with a wind-resistant radial tensioning system, easy to use at all times, even when there’s no storm. It has been invented with patented innovation inside out.

Blunt Metro Umbrella Major Specs

ColourAqua Blue
Frame MaterialFibreglass
Handle MaterialAluminium
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Blunt Umbrella Performance

The umbrella has a strength that can withstand 55mph winds. Imagine if a car is moving at that speed. This product sure gives you the protection you need. It will not buckle under great pressure.

Its pongee fabric is quick to dry and is not easy to tear just like that. The fabric is fitted over six tough fibreglass ribs. According to popular opinion, the Blunt Metro Umbrella will only give up under many years of pressure.

Many also love the product because it not only braces up under wind pressure; rather, it has UV protection, which is absent even in the best of umbrellas in the world.

The Umbrella Canopy

The umbrella comes with a 37-inch canopy. That means there’s enough space to fit two persons under it. It has six points, and all are blunted at the end so that no one is hurts by sharp ends. The canopy size may not be enough for some, but if you’re thinking about yourself or someone else, this is all you need.


Blunt Metro Umbrella Offers Value

You can see that in the price and what it can accomplish when you make use of it. Take a look at the style and performance. The appearance, of course, is what makes some people go for the umbrella. If your needs are moderate, with the Blunt Metro Umbrella, you’re still getting a functional compact umbrella; a stylish one at that.

The Price

Simply put, the price of Blunt Metro Umbrella sells for $79.00 at Amazon.

Why It Is A Good Choice

This is a product that is perfect for travel. That’s why the UV protection aspect is highlighted. Another good side to it is the rip-resistant canopy, and the fact that at 55mph, the umbrella doesn’t turn inside out – is a marvel. On the other side of the matter, this is a beautiful umbrella.

So, the Blunt Metro Umbrella passes off as an expensive item at $79.00, but the size is just one. Some press that the manufacturer should design larger sizes. That could be another aspect Blunt will take a look at soon.