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Working Ways To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria

Years back, it was practically impossible to convert airtime to money, which was very frustrating for many of us. In fact, before now, several businesses and customers who had a large amount of airtime on their smartphones simply had to sell directly to their friends or loved ones who wanted airtime to make calls and subscribe for data.

However, fast forward until now, and we now have various platforms that are ready to buy your airtime if you ever over-recharge or simply wish to sell a large amount of airtime on your phone. See Working Ways To Convert Airtime To Cash:

1. Eazymobile:

Convert Airtime To Cash
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This platform is the best out there, and it has more features than other options on this list. With Eazymobile, it is easy to buy and sell Bitcoin, buy airtime and data, update your electricity bill, pay for cable TV, and also convert your airtime to cash as soon as possible. As fast as airtime conversion is concerned, only 5 instructions will be adhered to if you want to sell airtime to them. Tap here to head to their homepage and click “View Process” to access the instructions.

Another amazing thing about this platform is that their airtime conversion rates vary according to market rates. Therefore you don’t have to scratch your head about getting overcharged. That is not all, you can even send bulk SMS from Eazymobile, and it’ll all happen directly from your dashboard. The platform’s customer support is available on Instagram, Facebook and Telegram as well.

2. OG Dams:

This platform provides the best deals in internet data subscriptions, airtime to money conversion, Airtime top-up (VTU), CableTV (DStv, GOtv & Startimes), Electricity Bill Payment and so on. You’ll definitely appreciate OG DAMS’ homepage and FAQ page. Tap here to access the FAQ page to see how simple it is to sell your airtime. To register for free immediately, tap here. It is a 100% automated platform. Therefore you won’t have to wait for so many days to be credited when you decide to sell your airtime or buy data. The platform also has a Telegram contact if you have questions or if you wish to make clarifications.

3. Modelc:

This platform converts airtime to cash, and it also helps with bill and utility payments. You can even sell and buy bitcoins on the website and application. You don’t have to doubt its reliability because it has been existing in the market for a while. It also has a live chat function with options to reach out to them on Messenger, Telegram and Instagram. You can even earn about N5750 when you refer one person to the platform to make extra money. Install their app on the Google Play Store here.

4. Aimtoget:

Convert Airtime To Cash
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This is an airtime processing platform that lets you convert airtime to instant money anytime you want. It is definitely one of the best options out there, and it has earned lots of positive reviews from those who have used it. Users have a business address and phone number that they can use to reach out. In fact, Aimtoget converts your airtime into money, and you would be paid eighty per cent cash after conversion. Airtime, data bills can be paid for on the platform, and you’ll also be able to send and receive cash via Aimtoget. This platform even makes it simple for companies to accept payments in the form of airtime on their site. Download the app on the Google Play Store here.

Convert Airtime To Cash On AimtoGet:

  1. Register for an account on AimtoGet and get yourself logged in.
  2. Head to Fund Wallet.
  3. Choose mobile network, phone number and airtime amount.
  4. Confirm if the transaction is successful.
  5. If it is, withdraw the money directly to your bank account.

5. Airtimeflip:

Convert Airtime To Cash
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This airtime conversion application has one of the highest ratings on the Google Play Store – 4.1, so it is definitely reliable. This platform makes it possible to convert airtime to cash deposited into your bank account. It is also one of the quickest airtime converters in Nigeria with 99% automated transactions, even if they charge a 19% fee on every MTN airtime transaction. Meaning, you’ll receive N810 if you convert N1000 airtime.

6. Zoranga:

Convert Airtime To Cash
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This is a Nigerian mobile money service that converts your airtime to cash seamlessly. This platform works for businesses and individuals, meaning business owners can accept airtime payments with Zoranga. It is even possible to accept donations as airtime if you run a charity organisation. Just access www.zoranga.com to know more about the platform and download the application on the Google Play Store.

Convert Cash To Airtime On Zoranga:

  1. Head to www.zoranga.com
  2. Take “Deposit Money”
  3. Select Network.
  4. Type in the phone number, airtime amount and bank details.

7. Airtimedatahub:

This one lets you convert the airtime of all networks to money as quickly as possible. They credit customers’ bank account within 5 to 15 minutes of the request submission. However, you must expect to be charged 20% on MTN and Airtel airtime, 25% on 9mobile and 35% on Glo. Head to airtimedatahub.com for more information on the platform and see the Google Play Store reviews.

8. Cheetahpay:

This platform has 2 options – You can convert your airtime balance to money or convert airtime PIN to cash if you have physical recharge cards up for sale. What you’ll love about this platform is how expressive its FAQ page is. Check the page out by tapping here, and tap here to download the application.

Convert Airtime To Money On Cheetahpay:

Just head to cheetahpay.com and fill in all the required information.

9. iPayAirtime:

This platform allows you to convert airtime to cash and pay for whatever you want online with airtime. You won’t be charged a registration fee, but you should expect an 18% deposit fee on MTN airtime. This is definitely the least costly offer you’ll get right now. It is also home to API and support for businesses, therefore you’ll be able to accept payments in the form of airtime on your website. Sadly, it doesn’t have any application at the moment.

10. VTU.ng:

You can also convert airtime to cash online in Nigeria with this platform. Payout can be made through your VTU.ng wallet or via your bank account when airtime is sold to them. VTU.ng helps convert MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile, and they’ll pay you 80% while taking a 20% cut.

Convert Airtime to Cash With Patricia:

  1. Start by registering on Africa’s largest crypto platform.
  2. Choose airtime to cash and select your network/amount from the dropdown menu.
  3. Choose an account for your money to be credited or keep it on your Patricia Bitcoin wallet.

There you go; if you ever need information on how you can convert airtime to cash, you now know what to do and how to go about it.

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