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Discover Reliable Ways to Spot Counterfeit Solar Panels

Using substandard solar panels can significantly impact the amount of energy produced, resulting in a poor return on investment. It is deeply unfair that distributors sell inferior products at inflated prices. It is a common practice for these products to be tampered with, lowering the wattage and making consumers pay more for less. To protect yourself against this, always check the power rating on the solar panel’s glass frame and ensure it matches the rating stated on the box. Below are some methods to detect fake solar panels:

Methods for Detecting Fake Solar Panels

One way to ensure you receive the proper wattage is to have your solar panels tested by registered solar companies. It is important to look for the Diamond Mark of Quality or the import standardization mark on the solar products you purchase. Properly testing your solar panels is essential, yet often overlooked. You can perform a simple test by using a multimeter. Connect the multimeter’s positive lead (red) to the positive wire of the solar panel and the negative lead (black) to the negative wire. The voltage reading on the multi-meter should be close to 60 volts, if not, there may be an issue with the solar panel’s output. Check for any loose connections or cracks in the solar cells themselves.

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It is much safer to purchase solar panels from licensed and reputable companies with a proven track record. By doing so, you will have access to warranty programs and you should always request a data sheet for the solar panel. Remember, even if you are purchasing a brand-new solar panel, there is still a possibility of it being fake. These tips will help you easily determine if a solar panel is genuine.

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