Discover the latest wearable from Apple, the Apple Watch Series 5

Last year the Apple Watch Series 4 represented a major change in the Apple Watch range. It was released with a slightly modified design offering a larger display. If you were hoping that the Apple Watch design would change this year, you might be disappointed, but that doesn’t mean that the Apple Watch Series 5 hasn’t received a substantial update.

According to Apple’s announcement, they have (finally) configured a display that is always active on the clock. For those not familiar with the Apple Watch, in the past, the Apple Watch display automatically turned off when the user’s wrist was lowered. This meant that if you wanted to see the display, you had to raise your wrist, but with the display always on, Apple eliminated this need.

Apple claims that the new Apple Watch Series 5 will use an LTPO display that can dynamically update itself, can reach a refresh rate of 60Hz or up to 1Hz. It is said that this helps with energy efficiency. 

On the subject of efficiency, Apple boasts that the 5 Series and its always-on display will still be able to manage the battery life, remaining still on for 18 hours, like its predecessor.

We would have preferred a longer battery life, but unfortunately, you can’t have everything from life … until today. There will be lots of new dials designed specifically for the new always-on display. There are also some new user interface changes that have been optimized for the new display.

In addition to hardware changes, Apple has also introduced a new compass app, an app that would have seemed an obvious feature from the beginning, but I would say … better late than never.

As per previous rumors, it has been confirmed that the Apple Watch Series 5 will come in new titanium and ceramic cases in addition to the current aluminum and stainless steel models.

Apple Watch Series 5 is available starting from 459 euros for the version with aluminum case and sport strap. The GPS + smartphone version starts from 559 euros. They are available for pre-order starting yesterday and will be available in stores starting September 20th.

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