FilmyHit: Where to Download Hollywood, Dub South Indian, and Punjabi Movies Free

FilmyHit: The era of watching movies on TV has completely gone, and we now prefer watching & downloading movies online with our gadgets. Online, we can visit movies site and watch any video we desire, either online or offline. If you have high-speed Internet, you can easily watch or stream any movie at 720p or 1080p. And I’m not talking here about today’s generation of Movie streaming apps or sites that charge money every month. I’m talking here about the free website that allows downloading unlimited content free of cost. FilmyHit is one of the known websites for Downloading Hollywood, Dub South Indian, and Punjabi Movies.

There is a massive list of movies available on FilmyHit so whether you want to watch some 19’s movies or 20’s movies, you can easily find them on the website and download them on your phone or computer. And for downloading movies from there, you don’t have to signup and pay any amount. It’s all free.

In this article, we are going to show how to download movies from the FilmyHit website. If you have heard about the Filmyhit site for the first time, I recommend reading this full article. Because we are also going to explain everything about it, let’s get started.

What is FilmyHit?

It is an online web portal where you can find all types of Movies like Hollywood, Dub South Indian, Punjabi Movies, Bollywood movies, and more. Filmyhit is present on the web for a long time, and as of now, they have tons of videos available on their site for downloading. You can find and download any video you wish, like the latest movie, old movies, etc.

Even they daily update their Movie list whenever a new movie is released. Recently, a very popular movie was released, which goes super hit. The name of the movie is Godzilla: King of the Monsters. And on the internet currently, there is the only FilmyHit providing a quality version of that movie dubbed in Hindi. Also, the one thing I liked about FilmyHit is they give the user an option to download the Sample. This way, the user can test the quality of the movie before downloading it. So, if the user doesn’t like the movie’s quality, they don’t waste their Internet Data on it.

Many Movie downloading websites are available on the Internet, which fake that they have the most excellent movie quality. But after we download and play, we realize that the movie’s quality isn’t as good as expected. And we get fired on the site because of huge Internet data waste on downloading. But FilmyHit is honest and serves users with all their hearts. And that’s the greatness of FilmyHit.

Moreover, downloading any movie from the FilmyHit is not such a complication, and they don’t provide mysterious links like other similar sites provide. With one click on the download button, you can start downloading any movie. And they also show the file name and size of the Movie so you can verify the movie file and download it safely on your device. The downloading speed will be so much better as well because they upload movie files on their server. And that’s also an excellent quality of the site.

To help you more in navigating through the website, let me show you its features so you can easily walk and Download any movie you want for free.

Features Of FilmyHit

Previously, I have explained pretty much about FilmyHit and what it provides to users. I have also revealed its greatness and honesty. To help you understand the site and its structure, let me show you its features. So, you will also be able to navigate more easily on the site.

1. Search Bar

Finding specific content on a site that is loaded with too many movies is not easy. And it becomes too hard when there is no way to search for content. Fortunately, there is a search bar on the FilmyHit website, customized for finding any file. And the search result will show as per your searched keyword only, nothing else. You have to write the name of the content or movie you are looking for and press the search button. In seconds, you will be able to see the results of your search keyword. This way, you can save time to find files on FilmyHit too. So, make sure you use this feature whenever you need to find any movie on

2. Special Zone

It is a special section on the FilmyHit website where you will find only exclusive movies like very premium movies. And that section’s content is also free to download. You don’t have to pay any amount for downloading premium movies as well. Special Zone is placed near the footer on the site, and there you will see options to explore premium videos. In the Special zone, you will fill content like Exclusive Show in Hindi, UpComing Movies Trailer, WhatsApp Funny Video, Thug Life Video, New WhatsApp Status Videos, etc. You will need to click on any of the titles to explore and download the content.

3. Find Newly Added Movies

After you visit the site, you will see all the favorite movies in the grid style with a poster of the movie and title. And just after that, you will small red tags button which will help you find newly added movies. By just tapping any of them, you can explore freshly added movies. Usually, you will find five tags with the name Today Movies, Yesterday Movies, This Week Movies, Last 15 Days Movies, and Last 30 Days Movies. If you click on the last X days’ movie, you will find all the movies added on the website in the last X days. That’s how you can find Newly added movies easily on the FilmyHit site.

4. Know the Movie Details Before Downloading

At FilmyHit, you will find enough information or details about the movie you are going to download. You can know movie details such as the Actress available in the movie, the Story of the movie, the Duration Movie Genre of movie, Released data, and Ratings. After knowing all the information, you will get pretty much clear about how great and interesting the movie will be. Also, it will help you to decide whether you will like watching it or not.

I think now you know very much about FilmyHit, now let’s come to the main topic. It’s how to download Hollywood, Dub South Indian, and Punjabi Movies Free on FilmyHit. Well, let me guide you right now.

How To Download Hollywood, Dub South Indian, and Punjabi Movies on FilmyHit

So, I’m finally going to guide you on downloading movies from the FilmyHit website. But before that, you must have some things. Below I listed the requirement you must have to download any movie from FilmyHit. Read that first, and then follow the movie downloading steps from below.


  • A computer or Laptop (You can also use your Android).
  • Google Chrome Browser installed with an Adblocker extension active.
  • Decent internet connection for downloading the movie.
  • Internet Download Manager if possible (Optional).

Once you have these requirements, you can follow the movie downloading steps. You need to follow the steps carefully so you will face no issues while downloading.

Step By Step Process To Download Hollywood, Dub South Indian, and Punjabi Movies on FilmyHit

  1. First, launch the Google Chrome Browser on your computer and make sure the Adblocker plugin is active (You can use other browsers as well, such as Firefox).
  2. Visit the FilmyHit website. (Note: FilmyHit has changed the Domain from and to The website’s design is simple and clean, with a proper listing of categories and detailed information about every movie. Filmyhit is a pirated content publisher, which is not legal in India because they prefer to change their domain name frequently. Many search engines block this website, causing you not to see it when you search for the keyword “FilmyHit” on the internet; no results will appear, which redirects you to the right website.
  3. After the website gets loaded completely, explore, and select a movie you want to download. You can use the Newly added movie section to explore movies on FilmyHit.
  4. Once you find the movie, click on it to see the Movie details along with the Download button.
  5. Scroll down a little on the page to see the Download button. Now, before actually downloading the movie, I recommend downloading and sampling the movie so you can test the quality.
  6. After that, click on the Original Movie download button and wait for the server to send the movie file to your browser.
  7. Accept the downloading request and wait for the movie to get completely downloaded.
  8. Once downloaded, you can enjoy the movie on your device.

So, this is how you can download any movie from the FilmyHit website without any issues. But make sure the AdBlocker is active on your browser because FilmyHit will open a new unnecessary page with every click on the site.

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Downloading any movie from FilmyHit is easy if you follow the right steps. If you visit the website without reading the above steps, you will definitely struggle while downloading a movie. However, as they server copyrighted files, they can’t insert Advertisement ads on their site. But to sustain the business and continue providing free Movies in High-quality, they use different cheap ad networks, which opens a new tab with every click on the site. But you can solve it with an AdBlocker. There are hell lots of AdBlocker extensions are available. Just choose and install one and download movies from the FilmyHit without facing any issue.

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