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Google AI launches Quick Draw-like WeChat game in China

Google has been banned by the government in China for some reason. Day by day, Google is slowly returning to China. Most recently, they launched Quick Draw – an AI-powered Quick Draw game that it launched on WeChat in 2016.

What’s interesting with Quick Draw is – it’s not just an ordinary game-in-app, but has built-in artificial intelligence. The Quick Draw application was first developed over the last two years. It’s a simple game where players have to draw something like elephants, watches, shirts or hats and Google will try to guess and effect using the neural network.

This neural network contains data of about 50 Million hand-drawn sketches in Google AI cloud storage.

A social aspect allows you to invite friends and family to see who can keep up the longest matching streak. Other features increasing sharing interesting sketches and saving drawings. The app can be installed via the below QR code.

Earlier this year, Google and Tencent signed a cross-licensing deal to share parents and collaborate on future tech development. Previously Google has invested in JD.com e-mail site. Then Google also launched Files-Go and Google ARCore for selected devices.

As evidenced by today’s mini-game, Google AI is also trying to stake a footprint by offering its TensorFlow machine learning library and tools to developers. Last year, it notably opened a Google AI China Center in Beijing.

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