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How To Block And Be Invisible To A Particular Person On WeChat

Whoever has been on social media for more than 300 seconds is fully aware that people can quickly become boring and tiresome. Yes, you can simply ignore them but we know some people won’t just quit, so stricter measures have to be taken. One quick solution is to block them. This article will let you know how to block someone on WeChat and also some tips that can aid you to manage people that will piss you off online.

WeChat is massive and has more than one billion users. An app from China, it took on a challenge other applications from Asia failed to take up – it successfully translated to the west. It is common knowledge that most times, the cultural differences and special ways the east and west use applications means that both never really mix. But WeChat is the exception here.

WeChat is an app for chatting like the popular WhatsApp but it offers way more than just the chat service. The main feature is what we are all used to but there are other things to enjoy like games, local people search, quick connect, WeChat Moments e.t.c.

Block Someone On WeChat

As WeChat focuses on chatting and connecting with people, it is certain that you will end up connecting with someone you will regret meeting on the app later. You know the kind i am referring to. The ones that overshare, the ones with no filter, the ones that think saying whatever the like is what they want to do online since it is not real, or someone way worse.

Blocking is mostly the best way to stop connecting with such people. It is not your only option though but let’s start here.

  1. Launch WeChat and select Contacts.
  2. Choose the person you want to block.
  3. Select the three white dot menu icon in the top right.
  4. Choose Moments Options.
  5. Select Add to block list.

This is on Android for its menu to have a distinct feel from that of the iPhone. Either way, as soon as you get this done, the person will no longer be of disturbance.

You are able to view who is on your block list by checking it.

  1. Select Settings from within WeChat.
  2. Select Privacy and then Blocked List.

You will be able to view the list of people you have blocked in that list. You can choose one and decide to unblock if you feel like it or you can let him or her or them remain blocked. You are in charge.

Muting Someone In WeChat

Blocking may be too harsh if their only crime was uploading moments too often. If they are offensive, it might be best if you mute them by turning off notifications. By so doing, you do not block them and risk pissing them off but you are also not concerned about the constant notifications of their actions.

You are allowed to mute all notifications, including those within a chat and group chat. The notifications can be turned off and on whenever you fancy doing just that.

Mute Every notification In WeChat This Way:

  1. Select Me and Settings in WeChat.
  2. Select Notifications and turn them off.

Muting notification in a specific chat session is also possible:

  1. Open the chat with the person you want to mute.
  2. Select the three dot menu icon.
  3. Select Settings and Mute Notifications.

This does not mute the individual entirely, just the individuals chat session. If the session is kept alive you should not see any notification from the person henceforth.

For muting group notification, get this done:

  1. Select the group chat icon in the top right of the group chat.
  2. Select Mute Notifications

Once more, the persons concerned are not muted, just the group chat.

Prevent Some People From Seeing Your Moment In WeChat

If someone bothers you on the app and you want to reduce what they can view of your time on WeChat, it is possible to block them for viewing your Moments. It is a very vital tool for stopping the individual from commenting or harassing, it is also your go-to helper to stay away from the most toxic people online.

  1. Launch WeChat and select Settings.
  2. Click on Privacy and Don’t Share My Moments.
  3. Select the ‘+’ icon to add the culprit.
  4. Choose the Friends you want to block from seeing your Moments.
  5. Tap OK and then Done.

Unfriend Somebody In WeChat

To wrap up, Unfriending is ideal when you have tried everything else. If somebody on the app will not just free you or is simply too irritating that you’re absolutely done, it is possible to unfriend them so you are no longer able to have any dealings with them on WeChat. The disadvantage that comes with this is that the person you unfriend will know he or she has been unfriended when he or she tries to reach you on WeChat. So it is going to be that obvious.

  1. Launch WeChat and select Contacts.
  2. Choose the person you want to unfriend.
  3. Select the three dot menu icon in the top right.
  4. Click Delete to unfriend them.

This cannot be undone but you are allowed to friend them again if you really want to.

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