Google Discovers Android Security Risks – Warns Users

AndroidSecurity 6
AndroidSecurity 6

Android users have been put on high alert after Google discovered a number of security breaches in the software. Android users have therefore been alerted on what to do so as not to be affected negatively.

Android is one of the most popular operating systems used on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. The software has more than two billion active devices on its platform and these use Google mobile OS very so often.

Lately, Google has warned Android users of high security issues having to do with malware and other issues; the biggest among them is the Judy malware that recently hit Android. The dangerous malware was spread via the Google Play Store, according to security experts, and it may have affected up to 36.5 million smartphones running Android.

The fresh news is that Android fans have been alerted about another security risk. This is not as bad as that risk associated with the Judy malware because it has a straight and easy fix.

When Google released its November security bulletin for Android OS, it mentioned a number of security glitches which could leak information from Android to hackers. Six glitches were found, and when used, these channels can reveal data that is normally only accessible to locally installed apps.

Why some of these dangers affect just new Android devices, others also infect multiple Android versions also.

In addition to this, Google also listed 14 security problems on the Qualcomm components and three of them are said to be very critical.

To stay safe from these security risks, what Android users have to do is download the latest Android security update and things should be just fine.

In other news updates, it was made known that Android fans could be facing security dangers from dozens of apps found on Google Play Store. Security experts also revealed that discovered malicious software on Google Play Store were disguised as device cleaners, battery managers, and horoscope apps.

Unlike some other malware threats that could make use of fake login screens, this malicious software is used to send and receive texts on infected devices. If you want to stay safe just update your device and everything will be just fine.


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