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The best Social Network and Chat Apps for Android

A collection of the best Social Network and Chat Apps for Android

Social networks have profoundly changed the way we communicate and stay in touch. Although sometimes, this excess of technology can cause negative consequences, it is at the same time undeniable the advantage of being able to contact at any time and part of the world an old friend that we have not heard for a long time or simply sifting through one of the most famous social channels in search of news.

In recent years the spread of mobile devices has further accentuated the spread and use of social networks, thanks also to Android applications, mostly official, present on Play Store.

The best Social Network and Chat Apps for Android


Although Zuckerberg’s social network has tried to achieve greater integration into Android through Facebook Home, the official application still remains the optimal solution to always have everything on Facebook running on our Android device. LinkIn this regard, to stay up to date on what happens on Mai Dire Link, we advise you, if you have not already done so, to follow our official page.

Facebook Messenger

With Facebook Messenger, you can send messages and call all your Facebook friends via VoIP. The application has a multitude of great and nice faces to use in dialogues and can boast of a “bubble” interface that integrates well with the whole system even when it is closed. links


For millions of people around the world, it has become the information source par excellence. Particularly in Italy, where many users even seem to prefer it to Facebook. If you can’t do without the social network of the bird and you want to always have a tap tweet and user mentions you follow then you can’t download the official app for Android. Link.


The official Google social network certainly could not miss a dedicated apple collection of the best Android apps. The Mountain View company continues to focus heavily on Google+ whose application is present by default on most Android devices. Compared to the versions on other platforms, Google+ for Android is characterized by the typical interface of the Google apps. links


After the great success and the consequent acquisition by Facebook, Instagram surprised us again with the introduction of Instagram Video. For this reason, the official Instagram app could not fail to be included in the list of Android applications not to be missed. Although we leave you the last word on the choice between Instagram and Vine as far as video sharing is concerned, it is undeniable that the five-star photographic side is mandatory. links


Remaining on the subject of photographic social network it is right to mention also Flickr. Perhaps more aimed at professional photographers than the general public, Yahoo’s social network is one of the most visited sites in the world and among the most used Android apps. Yahoo Mobile Client


The microblogging platform par excellence. Tumblr is the mobile app for Android devices that allows you to use the well-known service that mixes blogging and social networking in a very interesting formula, mainly oriented towards the essence of the content. links


The social network for professionals is also present on Android. All the basic functions that distinguish the service are available, from profile management to checking mail and other users. An app that cannot be missed especially for professionals. Excellent solution to quickly find work information on a person you need to meet. links


Considered the social network of reference for all shopping lovers, Pinterest is a sort of virtual bulletin board where users share ideas and passions. A virtual space where you can be inspired by passion by browsing through the accounts of other users to find new ideas on the next item to buy. links


Imagine a social network where you can share the places where you are at any time, add 25 million users who are inspired by each other and share information on places and businesses. This is Foursquare- the social network of reference for geotagging. An ideal solution to search for anything “from free WiFi to dumplings” and get suggestions based on our tastes but above all a way to share the experiences of our life with others. links

Community Reader by Tapatalk 4

The best solution to address one of the most widespread limits among those who follow and use the forums- consultation through mobile devices. Indeed, Tapatalk responds to the need of all those users who want to participate in the community even from a distance. Instead of showing the traditional heavy and complex interface that often marks forums, Tapatalk offers a very streamlined and practical solution, but above all easy to consult. Compatible with numerous Italian and foreign forums. links

Messaging- The best Andriod app for chatting

Not only social networks but also WhatsApp and the like. These are the main causes of the constant decline of SMS and MMS. Services, those of messaging, which have depopulated overcoming the barriers between competing for operating systems, pushing, as, in the case of iMessage, companies like Apple have developed proprietary systems. But if it is true that everything started with WhatsApp it is equally certain that nowadays the Play Store is populated by many alternatives.

Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger is one of the most used applications for internet messaging. Light, with moderate battery consumption and easy to use. Unfortunately, to use it is required to pay 0.89 cents every year, after the first, but if your friends use this application, it is an absolutely affordable price. However, among the alternatives, we point out the Line. links


And here it is- the best-known alternative to Whatsapp. This is obviously a Telegram, a non-profit application developed to make communication on all devices fast and effective. Interesting is the possibility to install the client also on the computer (PC and Mac), on tablet and inside the same Chrome. We have made a review of it, don’t let it escape. links


A relatively new application for free messaging. It also supports multimedia messages and voice recordings. links


An excellent free application for calling, video calling and sending multimedia messages, which differs from the others in being able to make calls to fixed and mobile numbers. In particular, the application gives us 100 minutes a month to Western European numbers, and another 100 for American numbers (including furniture).


With Viber, it is possible to send messages and make VoIP calls to all users of the service, free of charge. Born as an application that allowed to call the contacts of the address book for free, the service then extended to messaging becoming one of the main apps of its kind. The strength is multichannel- after the main mobile platforms, Viber has also been released in a desktop version. We have compared it with a giant like Hangouts to understand to what extent Viber can be considered an optimal solution for messaging and VoIP calls. links


Hangouts is Google’s new messaging system, with which you can not only send messages but also create Hangout videoconferences at no cost. Everything, with the classic minimal and accurate Google interface. links


A communication classic- Skype is one of the most widely used VoIP message and call clients/video calls/video calls in the world, free and easy to use. Among other things, it allows you to make calls to landlines and mobile numbers via Skype Credit (for a fee). links

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