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GoPro Phone – A beautiful concept that can become a reality once

If one company that does not make phones produces one, what would you think it was? Nowadays, companies that do not know a lot about phones now dive into te game, same is the case with GoPro? An interesting concept was created by the fine designer Tejas Pawar.

The smartphone’s dominant feature is the MIGHTY cameras on the back. This is basically the result of what would happen if a company specialized in cameras crossed to smartphones. An interesting feature is the fact that the display is slightly embedded in the construction.

GoPro Phone would of course be resistant to water and dust. Photo by Tejas Pawar

This means in practice that if the phone falls, the shock absorbs the frame and not the display directly. Also, there is one button on the side of the device to start recording. After all, this is a GoPro phone.

The GoPro Phone can capture all that the classic GoPro camera thanks to its wide-angle 16-megapixel camera. Photo by Tejas Pawar

As far as the camera is concerned, it has a large wide-angle lens as well as zoom, though much smaller. The construction of the device is made of polyurethane with special protection against water.

A special frame on GoPro Phone will ensure that the display does not break, minimizes this probability. Photo by Tejas Pawar

You still want to take the phone with you out for skiing or for any other sporty activities, right? As far as camera resolution is concerned, the rear has a resolution of 16 Mpx, the front also 16 Mpx. As for the display, the creator of this concept chose a 5.8-inch AMOLED panel with an aspect ratio of 18 – 9. Good choice!

GoPro Phone Photo: Tejas Pawar

What do you say, did this concept appeal to you? Would you like to find it on sale? We certainly!

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