How Can I Know How Many Gigabyte My iPhone Has?


Not every iPhone has identical storage capacity. Simply cos you possess a latest version of a mobile device does not guarantee you a higher gigabyte than on more ancient models.

Before you choose to download some apps, sync with your other devices, or take several pics, just ensure the capacity of your iPhone is confirmed. Knowing the amount of space your phone has is a very vital factor in aiding the management of your storage.

Why Is Storage So Vital?

Storage capacity is your phone’s internal memory and it is seen in form of gigabytes (GB). One GB is 1024 megabytes (MB). The iOS system files are all installed in your device’s memory and consumes around 1.5GB.

Several applications use up about 50MB, but larger apps and video games can take up even more, sometimes above 500MB. Most of your audio and photo files wil use nothing more than 5MB. This scale can maybe reveal to you how large your storage can be.

When it is close to full capacity, your storage will not work as it should. Your present apps might need space whenever they update, and storage will have to be freed up for additional files and fresh apps. All this can take its toll on your iPhone. There are several ways to know more about the storage space of your iPhone.

For more information on how many GBs your device has and to view how much space you have remaining, adhere to these instructions.

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Locate The Information Settings

The simplest way to know your iPhone’s capacity is to check in Settings. It is built into your system, so it cannot be gotten rid of.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Open General.
  3. Select About.
  4. Scroll down till “Capacity” is visible. This is where you will view how much space you have remaining.
  5. Scroll further down till you get to the “Available” section. Here, you can see the remaining space on your phone. The subtraction involving your unused space and your general space is the amount of space your files are presently taking up. If your phone has minimal available memory left, you can try to get rid of some unnecessary data. Or else, you will not be able to bring in new files.

Some iPhones can let you view your Storage straight from Settings. Repeat the first and second step and rather than searching for “About,” look for “[Device] Storage.” You will see the remaining space, your used space and the total capacity of your iOS device.

Check Your Storage Wih iTunes?

As soon as you connect your iTunes to your iPhone, it automatically checks the space remaining. This allows you to know how much data you are making use of for various contents.

First, open iTunes on your PC. It normally comes pre-installed on all Mac computers, but if are not a Mac user, download and install the app.

You can now connect your iPhone to the PC through cable, hotspot, or Bluetooth.

As soon as both devices are connected, simply tap your iPhone in the iTunes app.

This will reveal a window bar that lists all the vital information about your iPhone. In the bottom, a storage bar will be visible. Several contents are displayed in different colors. As soon as you move your mouse pointer over color, the content type it stands for will be shown to you. Content types can be a clip, image, audio apps, documents and so on.

On this colorful storage bar, the amount of storage remaining and how many GBs the several data are taking up will be displayed.

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Get The Info Through IMEI/MEIDD Or ICCID

There are cases when you cannot access your device applications. It could be your malfunctioning system, or some hardware issue, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage your device.

In such cases, you will need to locate your phone specifications externally. The most apt way to get the precise info is to locate your phone’s IMEI/MEID or ICCID.

Some phones have the numbers displayed on the SIM tray, others have the number revealed to you at the back.

As soon as you locate your ID, head to SndeepInfo and enter your serial number there. This site will trace the precise model of your device and list all the important information.

To confirm your storage space, slide down to Technical Specifications. Your device capacity will be listed as Internal memory.


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